There will be one more release before the big one…

… And that release will be version 1.7.6. It’s mainly because some people have been experiencing problems with identifying certain TV shows because others have similar names. Here’s what I expect will be the biggest changes in version 1.7.6:

  • Manually identify TV shows – You’ll be able to manually identify TV shows, both single episodes and entire shows.
  • Trailers – Mizuu will now make sure you’re up to date with the latest info and trailers of upcoming movies. Mizuu uses, so some of the trailers may require a third party video player, but it’s better than nothing, I suppose. There’s usually YouTube videos as well, though.
  • Subtitle support in video player – I’m still working on this, but my progress so far is promising. The old subtitle support was rather buggy – hopefully 1.7.6 will improve that quite a bit. Mizuu will support regular Subrip subtitles (.srt).

I know I’ve promised you that the big 1.8 update would be the next, but hopefully you won’t mind getting some of the treats a bit earlier. The update will be out around New Year.

Also – don’t forget about the Christmas sale, where you can get the full version of Mizuu through out the year for just $0.99 – that’s as low as it gets! Paid users get more often updates and no ads.


  1. great to hear as you already knew I had the TV series problem with Mrs browns boys so look forward to the update…excellent work from a developer who listens and helps his purchasers..thanks again

    • Cheers, Alan! Thanks a lot 🙂


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