Release the Kraken!

It’s finally out!

Version 1.7.0 of Mizuu has just hit Android Market, and you should be able to get it just about now. Get it here:

The Lite version no longer has any limitations, but instead a small advert in the lower right corner of the overview page. It is available here:

Let me know what you think and please report any bugs you may encounter.


  1. Just tried the new version with series support.
    Great so far but one problem. If a series is not recognized it is not displayed in the view like in the movies view.

    So i have to rename the files.
    Can you add in series the same behavior as in movies? I don’t want to rename the files.

    • Hi Christian!

      In theory, it could be possible, but there’s a big problem in doing so. If the files aren’t identified, there’s no way of telling which files belong together. This means that the application would have to show an empty cover for all the unidentified files – and because we’re talking about TV shows, that could literally mean hundreds or thousands of unidentified files.

      That’s the reason why it’s not supported. The other major media center softwares do the same thing with unidentified files.

      • Yes you’re right, but my MediaPortal MediaCenter Software ask with a popup if they can’t indentify it.

        Would this be possible?
        The files are all named the same, for example:

        If you don’t find an entry of “sgu” you should display a popup to enter an alternative name.
        If i enter in the popup “Stargate Universe” you know all files with sgu-720p-…. are known as “Stargate Universe”!

        I hope you can add such a function.

        • The easy way to do it would simply be to put the files in a folder called “Stargate Universe”. As long as they have the season and episode identifiers, that’ll work.

          • The problem is if i change the file or the folder names my MediaPortal MediaCenter can’t find the files anymore. So i need to delete the old ones and import the new named files again in MediaPortal.

            I think other MediaCenter also ask if they find no entry with the given name…
            So i hope really you can add this function.

            Btw i don’t get any email if you reply to my comments.

        • Sorry, but right now it won’t be possible.

          Honestly speaking though, I’m pretty sure that your MediaCenter software supports the folder naming thing as well. It’s pretty basic procedure for media center software.

          E-mail notifications only appear if you’ve set it to do so 🙂

          • My series are all in folders you’re right.
            Inside the folder there are the files names like S01E01 etc..

        • Great. So if your folder with Stargate Universe episodes is called “Stargate Universe”, it’ll work with Mizuu, despite the “sgu-720p” files names.

          • Ah ok but my folder name is “Stargate Universe Staffel 1” and another folder is “Stargate Universe Staffel 2”!

            Staffel is the german word for Season!

            So it’s not possible to add this “folder” like in the movie section with the folder name?
            And afterwards i can “identify” it and enter the right name without “Staffel 1” ?

            In the movie section i had a lot of movies who are not indentified because of the file “wrong” file names…

        • If you put all the files in one folder and call it “Stargate Universe”, it’ll work just fine – both with Mizuu and the MediaCenter software.

          It’s impossible for me to support all different kinds of file naming conventions, especially if the file names are not correct (i.e. sgu != Stargate Universe). That’s why I’ve got some naming conventions that should be followed.

          • Yes i understand you. Its impossible and you have to support some naming convention.
            But in the Movie section you import the movie also if the naming convention is wrong and i can later “indentify” it with my name.

            I have this done on 20 movies so far in the movie section.

            The same behavior would be great in the TV Shows section.

        • Yeah, I know, and it’s something I really want to add, but it’s incredibly complicated to do, and I really want to find the best way possible.

          It’s coming, but I don’t know when exactly. What I’ve just told you is the best way to do it for now.

          • Thanks for your support!
            So i need to wait until you find a way to import folders with wrong naming convention.

            Renaming is for me not possible at the moment because i have to reimport all files again on my MediaPortal MediaCenter. And i will loose my watched flags and ratings.

            But thanks again and i am hoping you can add the same function as in the movies section.

  2. Hi its again me.

    For testing porpuse i have renamed the folder called “Stargate Universe Staffel 1” to “Stargate Universe” but after trying to import i get no import of this folder.

    So i think the folder name is not enough?

    • If the folder ONLY contains your files (i.e. no sub folders), and the files include one of the two supported ways of identifying the season number and episode number, it will try with a combination of the folder name and the season/episde numbers if the match was found for the file name.

      For example:
      Stargate Universe
      – sgu S01E01.mkv (since no match is found for ‘sgu’, it’ll look for ‘Stargate Universe’ instead)

      • This does not work.
        Just tried it.

        Folder name “Stargate Universe” and Filename sgu.S01E01.mkv (no sub folders)!

        No entry in the TV Shows.
        I renamed sgu.S01E01 to “Stargate.Universe.S01E01.mkv” and then it works.

        • Strange. It works here. I’ll do some testing, and see if I can improve it. My apologies for now.


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