The next release update is getting closer

I’ve just uploaded yet another update to the beta version, called version 15022013. You’ll be able to grab it from Google Play within a few hours.

This version fixes a few bugs and adds greatly improved support for .nfo files for movies and adds the ability to perform movie library updates without an internet connection, which can be useful if you’ve got .nfo files and custom movie data for all your movie files. It also includes full support for XBMC movie .nfo files.

I’ve been updating the beta version quite often lately, and I believe network support is now working as expected – including support for good ol’ Windows, so go ahead and try that.

The list of to-do’s is getting smaller by each beta update, and there’s really not that much missing now. Here’s the list for those of you interested:

  • Widgets
  • Movie collections
  • Support for movies split in multiple parts
  • Support for custom movie data with network files, i.e. nfo files, cover art and backdrop images
  • Ability to deal with unidentified TV show files

The main things are widgets, movie collections, support for movies split in multiple parts, proper support for custom movie data with network files

Let me know if you think something important is missing. I won’t have time to do something major, though, as I’d like to get the update out as soon as possible.

PS. The TV database is extremely slow (or offline!) at the moment, so any errors are very likely caused by that. It’ll hopefully get better soon.


  1. Hi michell
    You forget
    The tv guide !! When the next episode aired !!
    And dlna!!
    And how many seasons and episode i have
    Like i have 10 seasons from 12 seasons
    And about widget pls make new with two tab for movie and tv

    • Didn’t forget any of that, but it won’t be in the next update for the release version.

  2. youpiiiiii no need internet connection anymore.
    I have noticed some remaining bug:
    – Some time title in overview disappear.
    – also message no active connection still come up
    – In widget cover images have not same size and make cover not lined up.

    • Great!

      The title thing is quite weird. Where are you experiencing it? Can you send me a screenshot?

      The “no active connection” message is not going anywhere. It’s still important to tell the user that the device isn’t connected to the internet, as the user experience is much better with a connection.

      The widgets are buggy, I know 🙂

  3. Maybe imdb support? And MovieMeter for Dutchmen 🙂

    • Can’t do IMDb support as they have no public API. MovieMeter does have an API, but I’d rather not add that., which Mizuu is currently using, has the best content – by far – and the absolute best API. You can get all kinds of data from the site, and it’s available in many languages. There’s simply no other movie database that comes even close to the amount of data you can get from TMDb.

      • Ah, didn’t expect Imdb doesn’t have that, because many mediaplayers and things like YAMJ use imdb. I can understand that Moviemeter isn’t a top priority, no problem! Quite happy with TMDb too.

        • Yeah, I know that some are using IMDb by scraping the website, and that is definitely possible, but I don’t want to violate IMDb’s terms of use.


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