Changes to the Welcome screen

I’ve already given you glimpses of changes to the Welcome screen, and I’ve made some more changes that I’m ready to show you. These changes will be part of the second beta release that’s coming out to beta testers today or tomorrow.

On tablets

You’ve now got the option of adding a sidebar panel with the latest blog posts from as well as a randomly selected movie or TV show from your collection. Mizuu will only select movies and shows with a rating of more than 5.0. You can naturally also remove the sidebar panel, if you want it as clean as possible.

On phones

The phone user interface has been cleaned up quite a bit and it’s much better now. You’ve got a grid of options and they all light up in a color that fits the theme, if you touch them. The sliding drawer at the bottom will let you have a look at the latest blog posts from This can also be disabled if you don’t want it.

I’m really excited about this upcoming release, and I do apologize on it taking so long. I just want to make sure that everything’s working as expected. Naturally, there’ll still be lots of things that can be improved, but all in due time. Send me an e-mail if you can’t wait, and I’ll be sure to add you on the list of beta testers.

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