Yet another small patch

I’ve just released version on Market. This fixes some bugs with the Movie Trailers section of the application, and nothing else. If you don’t use this section of the app, don’t bother updating. The update basically fixes a bug where it won’t show any trailers if one of the listed trailers is missing the cover art image, and it also fixes an issue with some strange trailer names.


Mizuu will also alert you of this update as it’s affecting some of the app’s core functionality.

Update: Apparently, something went wrong during the compilation of the paid version and the installation package was corrupted. I’ve just uploaded a fix – it’s still the same version, but Market should tell you that there’s an update available. It may take some time for Market to apply the changes.

PS. Sorry about all the minor updates, but I don’t want to leave anyone with a bad experience 🙂


  1. Hi
    After updating to this latest update on my Xoom ICS 4.0.3, Mizuu does not start anymore. I’ve already cleared the cache to no avail.

    Any hint?

    • Working on a fix, will be released ASAP. Sorry about the inconvenience.

      • Thank you very much!


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