Sneak peek at what’s coming next

I’ve been mentioning a few times that the next update will be the first of the “significant” montly updates, and I’ve also said that the first of these updates would mainly be about improving performance. I’ve been doing that – and will continue to do so for about two weeks – but I’ve also been doing other stuff.

I’ve been fixing quite a few bugs, that most of you hopefully haven’t found yet, and I’ve also been adding bits of new functionality. The first is that you’ll now be presented with the actors’ roles when browsing the actor page of movies and TV shows. It’s a subtle change, but it’s pretty sweet regardless.


I’ve also made it possible to choose between a grid view and a list view when viewing TV show seasons. It’ll be available in User interface settings in Mizuu, and it will by default be set to a grid view. In doing so, I’ve given the seasons list / grid a bit more space, so the episode details pane is slightly narrower. Also, when you scroll through the list or grid, the season number will always be visible at the top of the container along with the episode count.


Regarding performance, I’ve been making lots of tweaks and improvements. These will of course be more noticeable on slower devices, but some should be quite apparent on faster devices like the series of Nexus devices. As with anything, there’ll almost always be room for improvements and I’ll likely never be done with doing that, but the upcoming update will be significantly faster in some key areas.


  1. Looks and sounds realy nice!!!
    When get it out?
    THX for this great Work!

    • I need to add a few more things and test it out, so after that’s done. I released version 2.0 on March 26, and said that I’d be going for monthly updates, so probably around April 26 🙂

  2. Hi, a list view for movies would also be nice…, Tom

    • I’ve tried a few times and I didn’t really like the results, so it hasn’t happened yet. When I do find something that I like, it’ll be added.

  3. A spinning wheel view would be awesome, like in the Archos Video Player.

  4. Excellent additions, both of them 🙂


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