Sneak peek of movie collections

I’m currently working on adding movie collections in Mizuu and it’s almost done. Collections will be available from the drop-down list at the top of the screen. If you’re browsing movie collections, Mizuu will show the title of the collections and it’ll use a random cover art image of one of the movies in the collection. The reason for this is that not all collections have images, so I’d rather have consistency than something that’s potentially half-half.

If you select a collection, Mizuu will show you the movies of that collection and everything is as you expect from there on. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like right now. The collections aren’t correctly ordered in the screenshot, I know 🙂

The next update will bring some database changes, which will make it a lot easier to implement a backup feature in another future update.


  1. I’m glad, because right now backing Mizuu (database and data, etc.) is VERY DIFFICULT. (And time consuming) I could care less about the cosmetic changes at this point. FUNCTIONALITY is a MUST for me. Network (UpNP) would be my top request to add to the app…………. I can stream movies just fine through QLoud Server. It would be nice to do it FROM Mizuu. Just my thoughts.

    • Hi Jim. UPnP won’t be part of the next update.

      • I like what i see so far. As for SAMBA, UPnP, DLNA i see baby steps. 🙂

        • Cheers, Joe! Network support is pretty hard to implement because there are so many different setups, and I want to make sure that it works with everything. Some file explorers offer Samba support with the capability to stream videos, but only a very limited number of these file explorers actually work on all setups and in all use cases. It’s incredibly hard to make something that “just works”, sadly.

  2. This is fantastic, will the collections still show as their individual movies in the full database?
    Also, can we set the order in which they appear in their collections, like Dr. No being the first James Bond and Casino Royale being the 21st.?

    • Collections will only show up if you hit the “Collections” option from the drop-down menu. I’m not sure if the order of the movies is available from the API, but if it is, I’ll make sure that the collections will be ordered correctly.

      • If ‘order’ is not automatically available, could is be added under ‘edit’ so we can add it?
        May be time consuming on a first build but once complete it would make sense for movies like The Fast and The Furious being #1 and ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ being movie #2, if we can’t order it then #2 would show first, confusing if you didn’t really know they real order.
        Also, they should show in the full list, if not then in large databases some like ’48 Hours’ being an older film would get forgotten unless you looked at Collections.
        just thoughts..


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