Things are getting speedy!

So, another thing I’ve been wanting to improve is the speed of Mizuu. A thing that’s been annoying me for quite some time is the slight delay between pressing a movie thumbnail from the overview and actually viewing the movie details. I’m happy to say that this is something I’ve now been able to make faster.

I’ve run some tests on the old and new way, and here are some averages of my results:

Nexus 7

  • Old way: 352 milliseconds to load
  • New way: 129 milliseconds to load

Galaxy Nexus

  • Old way: 439 milliseconds to load
  • New way: 186 milliseconds to load

As you can see from my results, I’ve managed to make reduce the load times by approximately 60 percent. This is naturally device-dependant and will be faster on high-end devices, but it’s a pretty noticeable change.

Update: This change is now live in the latest nightly build.


  1. Is there a way to test this on our devices? It would allow us to report in and give you a more accurate result set.

    • Yes, like I said in the post, it’ll be part of the next nightly build. You probably won’t be able to measure the times (unless you’ve got a super cool and precise timer!), but it should feel faster.

      Mizuu used to load covers on the main thread, but that’s now been moved two a separate background thread, which makes everything appear faster.

  2. Is this just going from thumbnails to detail view or is it everywhere?

    • Well, I’ve been working on overall speed improvements as well, but what I mentioned here is just about loading the details view.


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