TED Talks coming to Mizuu soon

The next version of Mizuu brings support for TED Talks in the Web videos section of the application. TED Talks is a great resource for interesting and inspiring talks from some of the most brilliant minds of the world. I’ve always enjoyed watching TED Talks and I hope that this addition will make it easier for people who have the same interest.

A cool thing is that you can open the videos on the Mizuu video player, which is currently being redesigned. Here’s a sneak peak at what it looks like now. A lot more simplified and easier to use.

Other changes include the ability to edit movie information, updated icons and user interface, preference changes and some bug fixes. Still got a few more things to add before releasing it, but it’s getting closer 🙂

Update: It’s now 4.00 AM here and I’ve just finished some rather major performance improvements in the movie and TV show grid view. The next version of Mizuu will create thumbnail images that are significantly faster to load and that speeds up the user interface quite a bit. Existing users will need to update their library or manually download new cover art to notice the difference – new users will notice it right from the start.

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