support is also coming in the next beta

I’m happy to report that the next beta version will add support for some features. More features will be added in the future.

You’ll be able to log in to your Trakt account from a new menu item called “User account” in the application settings, and once you’ve done that, Mizuu will automatically perform check-ins when you start watching a movie or a TV show episode.

The check-in will be visible on your profile – here’s what it looks like on my profile:


The “User account” screen will let you connect to social services that can be used with Mizuu. It’s currently only, but I’ll add others shortly. I’ve been working on Facebook support, and I’m currently waiting on Facebook’s approval. It’ll look something like this:


Mizuu will also be available on the Downloads page of once the new update gets released.

Update: It’s out!


  1. WoW you do amazing job to improve the app 🙂 good job

    i want to know did you get any job !!

    • I’ve actually turned down a few offers in order to continue working on Mizuu 🙂

      • you are talented and I hope for you the best !
        you can do both of them like last time you did !!

  2. Hey, Michell, before your blog entryI haven’t even known that something like even exists. Looks very nice to me, though, and even better with Mizuu supporting it soon. Great job, as always!

    • The web’s full of awesome stuff! 🙂

  3. Version 27022013: Please, please restore the editable visible name of the movie on the backdrop picture.
    It is very important for non-English people, where they can put local name of the movie
    (because english name is perhaps not understood by all the family members wanting to watch movie).
    This editable visible name was lost from previous version
    (and perhaps make it somewhat thicker, and with black border, so it can be very well seen on come white backdrop pictures).
    Thanks in advance and congrats on beautifull application.

    • I’m going to add a setting to display it or not.

  4. After the last update, I get FC when updating the TV Shows. I have isolated three folders, without which the update seems to be working. But I don’t know what is the problem as the naming seems correct and was working before.

    If I press the report button after the force close, could you inspect this issue? Thanks

    • Yes, please ALWAYS report crashes. Also, please add your name to the report.

    • Thanks for the report, I’ll check it out. First one to report that 🙂

    • Thanks again! Just found and fixed it. I’m guessing it happened due to a large library 🙂

      • Unfortunately the issue is still present. (I have installed the update) I have three folders that cause this. When I move them from the main folder containing all my TV shows, the update works. One of them is “Game of thrones”. The show and the episodes were added to the library, but when updating the library again the application closes.

        I won’t bother you with this for now, I will connect the external hdd to my computer to check its file system. Too bad I didn’t made a backup of version 22022013.

        • Can you try to update the library and leave Mizuu? So you’ll see your homescreen and the update happens in the background.

          • Nope, not working. The three shows are Game of thrones, How not to live your life and House MD. I think there is definitely a bug. Was working before and mVideoPlayer is identifying the mentioned shows. I don’t know if it’s caused by my particular setup, it’s strange if no one has this problem.

        • That’s very strange. At least I managed to fix another bug when searching for the root of this one.

          I’ll just fire off a bunch of questions to get some more info on it:

          – Can you please report the crash again? I’d like to know if something has happened since the new update.
          – Does it only happen with TV shows?
          – Have you tried clearing your library and ONLY adding the three shows that seems to be causing the trouble? What happens? Can you perhaps send me a screenshot of the files and folders?
          – Do you have a lot of TV show files, i.e. several thousand?
          – Which device are you using and which version of Android is it running?
          – Are the files accessed from a network source? If so, using Mizuu or a 3rd party application?

          • Hi Michell. I use a mk802 device. It is not a network source. I think I have close to a thousand episodes.

            I have added the shows one at a time, and it worked. Now I am left with Cheers, which has 11 seasons, and I cannot add it to the library.

            Sometimes Mizuu main window automatically closes, but I see it runs in background, but still not all the shows are added. It updates correctly with only Cheers as a source and a cleared library.

            It could be related to the number of files. I’ve noticed weird percent values in the notification displayed when updating.

            Thank you

        • Thanks, something definitely changed in the crash report with the new version. Will check it out. The amount of episodes shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve tested it with more than that.

          If you’re not using it with a network source, I’m guessing it’s connected to a hard drive. That might be the reason why…

          Can you send me a screenshot of the folder containing your Cheers episodes?

          Which version of Android are you running? I’m guessing Android 4.0.

          • Yes, I have an external hdd connected through usb, using Android 4.0.4. I cannot send a screenshot right now, but I assume the file names are correct, as nothing changed recently. And the files are seen and identified in two others apps. To be sure, I will remove the hdd and perform a file system check.

            After the last message, I have cleared the library and added just one show as a source. And although Mizuu was saying that it identified the episodes, nothing was displayed, even after restart. Finally, I have re installed the app, re scanned the tv shows one at a the time, and then again it stopped adding shows to the database.

            Don’t know what is happening. Could you send to my email the apk for version 22022013? If that is working normally then is a problem with the latest updates, if not then something is happening to my device.

            I don’t want to waste your time with this problem. Thanks again for your work

        • Hi again,

          I had a feeling it was Android 4.0. There are some changes in Android 4.1 in the area that handles counting of database items, so they fixed something from 4.0 to 4.1. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s messing things up. I don’t keep copies of old versions of the beta – that kind of defeats the purpose of such a thing.

          I will send you a copy in which I’ve changed some things, that should hopefully avoid the code changes between 4.0 and 4.1+.


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