Help translate Mizuu for the final release!

I know I’ve asked for help with translations a few times before, and I really appreciate all the great contributions. Sadly, however, I’ve learned that the online community translation tool I used wasn’t all that great. It’s stripping away lots of stuff, and that basically means that the translations were unusable.

I’ve come up with another solution that isn’t as user-friendly, but it’s guaranteed to work. Also, these strings are the ones that’ll be used in the release version of the next update for Mizuu, so there won’t be any further changes from my side.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the file of strings right here.
  2. The file contains roughly 300 strings that need to be translated – they’re presented as such:
    <item quantity=”one”>movie</item>
    <string name=”settings_name”>Settings</string>
  3. Your job is to translate the text between the brackets, i.e. “movie” and “Settings” from the examples above.Note: Some strings contain apostrophes, either as ‘ or \’. If your translation includes apostrophes, either wrap it in quotation marks (“It’s a test”) or replace the apostrophe with \’ (It\’s a test).

Please try to avoid any spelling mistakes in your translations. It’s quite critical that they remain free of typos.

If you want your translations to be part of the release update, you’ve got about a week or so to complete them and send them to me. I’d prefer to get it as fast as possible, so you can test a version of Mizuu with the translations, and see if everything is as expected.

If you have any questions about the meaning of the strings, please tell me and include the exact name of the string(s) in question.

Languages added so far:

  • Danish
  • Dutch (Netherlands)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese

Languages currently being translated:

  • None


  1. Hi Michell,
    Any way to retrieve translation already done? I know that it is not usable but translation is not simple replace word by another and translation i have made is based on “how can we say that in my language”.



    • Sorry, I’ve removed everything from the translation tool. It was more or less unusable.

      • 🙁 ok i restart the job for french language

        • Yeah, I’m really sorry about that. Stupid translation tool… 🙁

          • I have question, during translation i found collections in filter list. What is it intended for?
            I see some movies inside but i don’t understand the meaning of this filter.

        • What’s the exact name of the string?

          • choiceCollections there are also detailsChangeCollectionCover

        • The first one is movie collections. It’s the drop-down option that appears in the Movies overview. The second one is the same as “Change cover”, but this one is the cover for movie collections. Hope that helped.

          • what is the purpose of this option?

        • Each movie collection has its own cover art photo. You can change that using the option.

          • And what is collection for you?
            I have translated 207 lines actually


          • ok it is clear now 😉
            another question where are this string in mizuu?


  2. Hey Michell,
    i started with the german translation.


  3. Does the string Justadded need a : ? I’m asking because it is the only : in the file.

    Onlangs toegevoegd:

    • Nope, that was a mistake in the original strings.xml file 🙂


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