The TV show database is experiencing issues

Hi everyone.

I’ve received quite a few emails regarding issues with updating the TV show library, and many have been blaming it on the latest updates. That’s NOT the case. It affects all users – paid users, free users and users who are using the beta version. Users of other media management applications are also affected.

The issue is with the TV show database. It’s returning empty pages and results, and the staff at the site is working on a solution. It seems to be happening to some countries, while others are unaffected, however this has not yet been confirmed.

There is – unfortunately – nothing I can do about the issue, as I’m not part of the staff on the site. I’ll update this post, when I get any news on the problem.

Thanks for your patience.

Update 1:

I’ve just uploaded an update of the beta version to Google Play, that might fix the problem. It seems slightly changing the URL of the TV show API will fix the issue, but I can’t verify it myself, as I’m not experiencing the issues. Regardless, it can’t hurt to try.

The updated version also adds faster loading of both the movie and TV show libraries, as well as the option to update the libraries at application launch.

The update will be available within a few hours.

Update 2:

Seems to be working now, but please refer to this as well.


  1. Hi Michell,

    I have a question that’s been bugging me a long time and your post just reminded me. For example, if I have a Doctor Who special episode (for example last years christmas special) how do I have to name it that it will be identified correctly via the TV DB?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Thank you Michell, I knew there was a guide for this but I totally overlooked the last part. Thank you and sorry for bothering you.

      By the way: Last update is the first one where the library updates really work for me so great work you’re doing 🙂

      • Yeah, these kind of help articles a bit hidden at the moment. Working on some “gold” for people looking for quickguides and stuff like this 🙂

        • Its really no problem Michell. I love that when someone has a problem or is messaging you that you get really fast support so that is really not a problem for me. thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Michell! I just installed the latest update, but the hotfix didn’t work (I’m from Romania). I see on tvdb forum that they report it’s working again. I didn’t had troubles with other media apps. Maybe I’ll look tomorrow to see what it’s returning for me (if I get the 503 error as reported) for each show in my library. I have submitted another crash report, if it helps you.

    • Hey Adrian! I’m 99.9% sure that your problem isn’t with the TV show database, but rather the fact that you’re on Android 4.0. I’ve been working on a fix, which seems to be working. Sending you a copy to your e-mail now.

  3. Hi Michell,

    I am trying to add Doctor Who specials into Mizuu just as Daniel was above but even following the naming convention information I still am not able to get them added. I’m seeing is that they are getting added in as regular episodes in the database essentially as duplicates of already existing episodes. I’ve tried naming for example the 2005 special “The Christmas Invasion” to Doctor Who (2005) S00E2 which does align with what thetvdb say is the correct special numbering. I’ve also tried putting “Specials” into the file name still no luck. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

  4. Michell,

    Disregard my last comment I figured out how to get it to display input the specials. I ended up creating a “Specials” folder and putting the specials episodes into that folder now everything is working. Again thanks for all your hard work on Mizuu.

    • Hi Jeff!

      Glad you got it worked out. I’m working on a major rewrite of how Mizuu deals with TV show filenames and folder structures. It’ll be greatly improved soon, I promise 🙂


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