TV show updates are getting much better

I’ve started working on improving TV show updates and there are going to be a lot of speed improvements with the next update.

Updating TV shows consists of two steps: Searching for information about the show/episodes and downloading of images. It’s pretty much impossible to speed up the last step, but I’ve been working on speeding up the first step – and boy, it’s looking good.

Let’s take “The Big Bang Theory” as an example. This show currently spans across 114 episodes and previously this would have taken 228 network operations to search for details on the show. With the upcoming update it’ll take just TWO network operations. Yep, that’s a massive improvement. Each network operation takes roughly one second, so that’s almost four minutes with the current method and only a few seconds with the upcoming method. This is also great because network operations drain the battery quite a bit, so reducing the amount of network operations will also reduce battery usage.

The smaller amount of network operations will also reduce network data usage. In the above example with “The Big Bang Theory”, the new method will use just 7 percent of what the current method is using. Pretty sweet, if you ask me.

TV shows will also include more details about the actual show rather than just information about the episodes. This includes rating, certification, runtime and year.


  1. Will this update include the ability to mark shows as watched, ala XBMC?

    • Sorry, forgot to mention anything about that. But yes, you’ll be able to mark episodes as watched and you’ll also be able to add them to a watch list!

      • That is fantastic news! My Mele A2000 is almost ready to replace XBMC on my PC; the Mizuu update will be the last piece of the puzzle. Either that or wait for XBMC to be ported to the Mele. It is being worked on, but I have a feeling your update will come first. Anxiously waiting!

        • I’m hoping to release a pretty nice update in mid July and then an additional one with network support near the end of July, but I’ll have to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with my exams.


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