TV shows are getting some love


It’s been quite some time since something significant has happened to TV shows in Mizuu, but that’s coming now. I’ve spent most of the day working on updating the TV show details view as well as the cover and backdrop image search. I’ll continue working on TV shows in the weekend, where I’ll hopefully get some work done with manual identification and unidentified files. Hopefully.

Anyway, here you’ll find a few images of what the changes look like in this post. The episode layout on tablets in landscape is pretty much the same, but the list and details pane are both shown at the same time.

PS. I’ve just changed the layout a bit, so the description area doesn’t fill up the entire screen unless it’s got a long description.



  1. Hi
    I have idea !!
    who many season i have for the show
    for example two and half man have 10 season
    but i have only 9 seasons
    so i will get mark 9/10
    that mean i have 9 seasons form the 10 seasons
    and i will know i miss 1 seasons!
    do you get what i mean!!

    • Yep, I follow you. Have been thinking about that myself… and what to do with it 🙂

      • amazing and even you can add the episodes

  2. and you can add it under runtime
    and i see( first aired )
    that amazing maybe you can add when the next episodes will aired!!

  3. hahaha
    i know i have many idea
    but what i can say i love the app !!


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