Some TV shows are not being recognized right now

Some of you may have been noticing that some of your TV shows aren’t being recognized right now, and there’s a good reason for this. Fortunately, it’s not related to Mizuu, but in fact They’re currently having issues with some shows in the API, and that means that these shows can’t be recognized right now. One of the shows is Chuck.

I’ve found a way around this issue if it should ever happen again, and I’ve added it in the upcoming version. I’ve also significantly increased the timeout for network operations to deal with the sometimes slow servers of

Update:¬†Seems it’s been fixed now.

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  1. Hey Michell, I am writing here cause I can’t comment on the post for the Nexus S with ICS. I have just put ICS on my Galaxy S, so I could do a test for you on that device if you’re interested.



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