Upcoming design changes

Hi guys!

First of all, I want to thank all the beta testers who’ve been trying out the upcoming version with UPnP support. I’m pretty happy with the feedback I’ve received – fortunately not a whole lot of bugs.

Like I’ve said before, next version will mainly focus on the added UPnP support, but I still want to give people who have no interest in UPnP a reason to update to the latest version. I’ve received some great feedback from you guys regarding the visual design of Traktr and I’ve decided to take some of the changes and bring them over to Mizuu. Below is a screenshot of the upcoming changes (left) compared to the current design (right).



As you can see, there are a number of changes:

  • Cover photo now appears in portrait mode
  • The “Play” button has been moved to the Action Bar. There’s been a number of reasons for this, mainly that it no longer distracts on the backdrop image, it allows users to start playback when viewing actors, and it’s easier for non-touch devices to deal with.
  • The text has been updated. It’s now slightly larger and uses different fonts.
  • The Action Bar is almost completely transparent. When viewed on a device in portrait mode, it becomes more opaque as you scroll down. It’s similar to Google Play Music when viewing an album – really quite cool.
  • The Action Bar now splits on phones, so the top part will show the drop-down menu and the bottom one will show the menu icons. This currently only applies to movies as these have far more menu items than TV shows.

I plan on making more visual improvements throughout the application, as I feel it’s gotten a bit outdated compared to how a modern Android application should look and feel these days.


  1. All These Sounds and looks realy gerΓ€t!
    On Android 4.4.2 The Google now Implementation To search a movie on the device is no longer available. Can you add this feature again? Thx

  2. How about “Chromecast” support?

      • Thanks for the answers. Makes sense. I’m looking forward to update. BTW, you did a great job on this great app. I like, and use, it a lot…

  3. Thank for contiousley improving this app.

    • Thank you for continuing to use it! <3

  4. Good work Michell. Keep up the good stuff πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! Be sure to grab today’s update πŸ™‚


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