Another brief update

Holy smokes, I’ve had a lot of stuff on my plate, so there’s been little time for Mizuu development. Last night, however, I decided to take an all-nighter and see if I could get something done. I’ve been working on speed improvements and the design of TV shows. I think it looks pretty good now and I think it’s a sign of where I could be going with Mizuu. As always, press the photo to enlarge.

I’ll post a new nightly build today or tomorrow with the recent changes and some other stuff. Update: I can’t make it, so it’ll have to wait…

Also, sorry about the slow updates. My amount of spare time isn’t what it used to be, sadly.


  1. Welcome back. Looking forward to trying the next build. Will it have support for network drives/NAS ?

    • Sadly not. I haven’t had the time to finish that yet.

  2. No prob……… great things come to those who wait ….. and we have been waiting a long time 🙂 Have been trying xbmc but think mizuu is much better.

  3. I love the new website design!


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