Update on the development

Hey guys! Just thought I’d pop by with an update on the development of Mizuu and how things are coming along. I’ve been a busy bee the last couple of months and it seems like that’s not going to change for a while. Anyway, I’m developing Mizuu every time I get a chance to do it and I’ve actually been making some fair progress since the latest update.

In this post I’ll give you a list of some of the expected changes in the next release. Like I said, these are expected changes, so it’s subject to change, but I’d like to get everything in the next update amd more will likely be added.

Version 1.8 (some expected changes):

  • Lots of accessibility and usability improvements
  • Custom user themes
  • Option to delete complete shows, seasons and episodes
  • Clean-up of Welcome screen
  • Improved caches for web content (equals significantly faster loading)
  • Speed improvements
  • Samba (SMB) support
  • Improved support for larger libraries
  • Custom backdrops and cover art for TV shows
  • Improved handling of unidentified files
  • Watch list
  • Movie collections
  • Change to themoviedb.org API version 3

ETA: July. It’s quite a long time, I know, but it’s a major release, there’s lots of hard work to do and I reckon it’ll take a few months with my current schedule. Just hang in there – I’ll update you with news about the cool changes as we go along.

PS. I know a few of you have reported a couple of crashes – and while I do appreciate it, I am unable to reproduce the crashes myself. I’ll continue looking at the crash reports (and hopefully comments) to see if I can fix any potential problems, but I won’t release any additional bug fixes for 1.7.9.x. The reported bugs appear to be device-specific and may be caused by custom ROMs or something like that. I hope you understand.


  1. Will SMB support also act as a server? I have an Android that sits by a TV and never leaves, it has a 1TB drive always connected to it. It would be nice for my other Android to see this drive as well.

    • Nope, it’s client only. But I know that there are other apps available on Google Play that can make your device act as a Samba server 🙂 PS. Sorry about the lack of replies in the forum, I haven’t really had time to look at them yet.

      • Thanks Michell, your doing a great job with Mizzu, no foul on late replies, your replying so all is good.

        I know about the severs available in the Market, most if not all require ‘root’, know of one that does not, let me know and I’ll give it a test.

        I’m looking more at Mizuu being the default desktop ‘Launcher’ so a user would never see the default desktop or app drawer. In this case if the server was in Mizzu OR you had a launcher ability where I could set the location of each apps icon I add to Mizzu then I could open the android settings area to admin the Droid itself plus set say Samba Filesharing as an ‘admin app’ that I get to under Mizuu’s ‘Settings’ then all would be kinda the same. Follow? If not email me and I can explain in more detail..

        • It’s probably because it’s impossible to do without root then. In that case I wouldn’t be able to help you more than any of the other apps in Play.

          Regarding the launcher stuff, I don’t think that’s something I’ll do. I have no experience with it and it’ll bring a ton of potential issues and other things that take my focus away from the core functionality of Mizuu.


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