Update: What’s happening?

The beta version is getting along very nicely and almost all features have now been implemented. Only a few features are missing, and I’ll be adding those in the coming weeks. Once that’s done, well – then there’s finally a new stable release update for Mizuu.

As you know it’s been a complete re-write of the application, and a lot of things have been changed and improved. Movies and TV shows are a lot better now and include many more details. This brings me to an important point…

When the update get released and you update Mizuu on your device, you’d expect it to keep your library intact. While this is definitely possible, it’s something I’ve decided not to do. The main reason for this decision is that it means there’ll be a lot of information and details that you’ll the missing. The updated application has ways to show many more details and that data simply isn’t available with the old version.

Besides, the library update process is significantly faster with the new version, so I won’t imagine it’ll be much of a problem.

Next beta update

It should be available later this week. It’ll include the option of manually identifying TV show episodes / files that were unable to be identified. (Delayed to the one after this).

It’ll also add an option of changing movie collection cover art, an option to sort TV shows by the newest episode from each show, and it’ll fix a few issues with the on-device databases and Reddit Videos.


  1. Hallo Michell,

    this sounds very nice! the updateprocess is so fast that a new update should not the problem. i have 500+ Movies and 1900+ episodes in 16 TV-Shows. and it goes really fast. faster then ever before. Thx for you great work!!!

  2. Hey Michell,
    Thanx again ofr your excelent work!!

    I know you have no interest in implement Music section, but this is the only thing I miss.

    Otherwise, your app is the most beautiful and useful on Play Market!

    • Yeah, it just involves a number of complications.

      First of all, should it be support for music videos or just plain music files? It’s fairly easy to do the first part, as that’s pretty much the same as movies and TV shows.

      If I were to add something like the second one with support for actual music files, I’d have to add the ability to play the music files within Mizuu. While I most definitely could do that, I wouldn’t be able to support all file formats – only the ones supported by Android – and I would undoubtedly get a lot of complaints about that.


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