One more update to improve stability

I’ve just released a minor update to improve stability for people with large libraries when updating (we’re talking 200+ movies). Version also fixes a really weird crash during a library update. I actually don’t know how it happened – but it won’t happen again, that’s for sure!

This should make the most stable release of Mizuu yet. I have had no other crash reports since the release of 1.7.9, and I feel that all the hard work has paid off.

Don’t bother updating unless you’ve got a large library. There are no other changes in this release. It may take a short while for the updates to appear on Google Play. Mizuu won’t alert you of this update since it’s a minor update that only affects a very limited amount of users.

Paid version | Free version

PS. This week is booked for Mizuu development with one purpose in mind. Fill in the blanks yourself 🙂

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