Update for Lite users + small patch

I’ve just released the latest version of Mizuu on Google Play for Lite users, as well as a small patch for paid users. The free version includes these changes as well.

The updated version is version, and it fixes an issue with backdrops for titles with special characters (i.e. a colon) and it furthers improves the identification of files with special characters, i.e. French characters. This means that a title like “Bad Lieutenant Escale à la Nouvelle Orléans” will now be “Bad Lieutenant Escale a la Nouvelle Orleans”, resulting in a much higher success rate.

Grab it while it’s hot!

Paid version | Free version


  1. hi can this be made to work with arnova 7 g3 its not official google play but says incompatable.. its on ice cream sandwich I I have brought and spoke to you in past when I had asus transformer…be willing to test it out on this device as movie browser hd installs and works..cheers

    • Hey Alan! The Arnova 7 G3 has a 7-inch display with only 800 x 480 pixels. That’s really low and it’ll be very hard to make something that looks good and is still easy to use. Moviebrowser HD has a very simple user interface, so there’s not much to hinder it from working on such a device.


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