Another update on network support

So, it’s another late night at the computer for me. Just got some more work done on adding network support to Mizuu. I’m now able to play videos from my NAS device right on my tablet without requiring root access.

Right now it works like this: The application connects to the NAS device and creates a temporary file on the device. This file is basically a local copy of the video file on the NAS device, and it’s only kept on the tablet during the time it’s needed – i.e. when the video is being played. Once you leave the video player, the temporary local file will be gone.

This will naturally require some available storage space on your tablet, but right now I think it’s the only way to do it. It’s only temporary and the required available space depends on the file size of the video you’re trying to play – i.e. you’ll only need 500 megabytes of storage space if you’re trying to play a 500 megabyte file. Good news is that the video player will start playing the video instantly, and that it works with all third party video players.

I have not yet added the option to jump in videos – only if the video is already buffered at the point you’re trying to jump to. I hope I’ll be able to add it, but it’ll only work in the Mizuu video player, as this will be a bit of a hack and not something other video players will support.

If you’re an Android developer and you know of a good way to add NAS support without root access, please feel free to get in contact with me. I’d love to get all the help I can on this one.


  1. Great job in advancing towards the solution!!

    Since I’m not a tech expert I cannot help you. But if I want to stream videos from my NAS today to my tablet, I use ES file explorer. There streaming works very good and I believe a local copy is not made. Maybe you can ask those guys for some tips & tricks?

    Anyway, looking forward to this big feature.

    • Thanks, I’ll have a look at that. There may be other ways to do it 🙂


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