Another update on… library updates

I’ve been working hard at making library updates rock-solid, and it seems like movies have now reached a point, where the stability is excellent. People, who’ve previously reported stalling during updates, are now saying that it’s working as expected, so that’s good.

Next step is to fix crashes when updating the TV show library and make that rock-solid as well. Hoping to get it done within a day or so, and then you’ll be able to get it with the next update.

Thanks for your patience.

Update (17th of March): This is proving rather challenging and is taking longer than expected. I hope to have fixed it in a few days from now.


  1. We all like the mizuu APP very! you make real good work with this. thx for all you done until now!!!

  2. Thanks for this wonderful app! How to purchase for a paid version!?

    • Hi, thanks! The paid version is currently only available for Android 3.0 – 4.0 due to a mistake. Anyway, the beta is a much better product now, so feel free to keep using that. There’ll be a notification in a coming update, that’ll tell you when the beta is over, and when the paid version will be updated.

  3. Hi Michell,
    Just say that mizuu is improved at each version and also to signal some remaining bug:
    – Watched/unwatched is not working properly. When manualy check Watched tick it does not appear in watched list!!
    – Another bug when navigating inside mizuu sometime my library disappear and i see message no movie update library but when i go to the left pane library is back!?

    I use mizuu everyday i will report any bug for improvement

    Continue you great job 😉


    • Hey!

      The Watchlist shows any movies that have been added to the list using the “Watch later” menu option. It’s not a list of movies you’ve manually marked as watched. It’s definitely working as expected 🙂

      If you want to get an overview of the movies you’ve watched (manually or automatically marked as watched), simply go to the Movies section and select “Watched movies” from the drop-down menu at the top left of the interface.

      Regarding missing content: Yeah, that’s a known bug. Not sure how to get around it yet, but I’m definitely going to try.


  4. Will there be dlna support?

    • Eventually, but not any time soon.

  5. Just purchased the paid app yesterday (2.3?) but it still seems to to have problems with library updates. Maybe i’m asking too much of it because im adding 5 samba (Synology) shares with a total of +/- 300 movies? Android 4.2.2 here. Added one share with 30 movies: no problem, Added the rest: sometimes a few, sometimes half, sometimes none get even listed.


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