New update: v1.7.4 is available!

I’ve just finished work on version 1.7.4 of the application, and it should be available on Android Market right about now. The Lite version update will be available shortly.

Today’s update brings quite a few changes despite being a minor update – here’s the full list of changes in version 1.7.4:

  • Added option to edit movies
  • Added option to sort by availability in TV shows
  • Added option to sort by genre in TV shows
  • Added TED Talks to Web videos
  • Added TV show widget
  • Added video player settings
  • Bug fixes
  • File source browser now sorts alphabetically
  • Fixed some bugs caused by API changes
  • Improved dialogs
  • Limit for movie parts is now 10 (0-9)
  • Performance improvements
  • Preference changes
  • Updated icons
  • Updated various UI elements
  • Updated video player

It’s worth pointing out that the new TV show widget is also very much at an experimental stage right now, and it’ll probably have a few minor bugs. I’ve decided that the updated movie widget was good enough to replace the old one, so I’ve done that with version 1.7.4. The old widget had some serious issues – you can read more about them here.

The update also brings some major performance improvements by creating thumbnail versions of the cover images, so I’d suggest you do a complete library update if you want a really fast experience – it’s approximately 2-3 times faster than before.

Hope you’ll like it! A lot of hours went into this update 🙂


  1. Hi Michell,
    This is a fantastic app you have going here, thank you for all the support and updates! Is there an otion to keep the old movie wiget with the ability to choose between using the new or old one?

  2. Nice update Michell! Well done on the widgets, I am sure you will make them look even better. One suggestion about the widgets (this is apart from my previous suggestion of adding buttons to move back and forth through the movies) is to add the picture shine effect that we see on the in-app posters. That visual effect gives the posters a bit of a polished look and I think it would look good on the outside in the widgets too =)

    Another question is concerning the additional naming convention we were discussing a few comments before for the tv shows, you had said that you forgot about it so just reminding you if it is possible to implement?

    Thanks heaps and keep up the brilliant work!

    • Yeah, the widgets will be updated with another design at some point in time. Will probably include that effect 🙂

      Err yeah, I’m actually not sure if I did implement them or not, but I’ll check to be certain! 🙂

  3. Hello,

    Since last update, It seems I can not display movie covers in horizontal view although they appear in grid view. (Eee pad transformer)

    Keep up the good work.


    • Yep, thanks. I don’t experience this myself, but heard it from someone else as well, so I’ll have a look at it. Thanks again.



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