Please update!

Last night I published and while the free version was working fine, there was a compilation error with the paid verssion, which resulted in a corrupt package. The install package was roughly 50 KB less than it should be.

This error means that you simply can’t launch the paid version of Mizuu, because its class references are broken. It’s trying to launch something that’s not found. It’ll also crash if you’re using one of the Mizuu widgets.

Anyway – I fixed the error last night by re-compiling the application package and uploaded it to Market. The important thing to note is that the fix is the same version as before – – but the version code is different, so Market will let you know that there’s an update available.

I’m really sorry about the inconvience – I know it’s affecting a lot of you, but I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I had naturally tested it before releasing it, but something weird happened while compiling.

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