You can try the updated movie details view now

It’s in the latest nightly build. Please read the notes, though 🙂


  1. Sorry but it looks too plain. Having the backdrop as background looks better.

    • Not sure where to put the play button then. Also, I’ve never liked the fact that you can’t see all of the image. It’s always blocked by something else.

      • i think it should be ok to have it blocked. backdrops are basically backgrounds so it could serve as a wallpaper for the movie. that’s why they still manage to put the dvd covers on the overview window even if it’s a bit redundant.

  2. One word ‘plane’! Having 2 play buttons in the same view is also a bit confusing. Granted one is under ‘Trailer’ but with all white text that fact tends to hide or be missed, also depends on if the Plot is longer and pushes the Trailer play button off-screen.

    Wife has hit the Trailer play button more then a few times thinking it was the movie. The UI also now looks plane, before the grandeur having the entire backdrop being the movie poster was way more impressive. (note, when I turn off ‘download backdrop’ they download ‘and stay’ away hogging up my SD)

    Why not make the Details UI slide sideways like the other areas? Place your labels across the top and if you want the Plot or Actors etc. swipe sideways to view that. Tap that actor and the UI would act as it does now. This way you can have an uncovered backdrop even making it the play button.
    Place just the ‘Plot, Trailer, Actors, Review’ buttons along one edge and click those if you want those details to slide on-screen, again leaving your backdrop uncovered, minus those 4 buttons, then make the backdrop your movie play button.

    • The details UI is in no way complete. Still very much a work in progress. I’m loving the portrait look and feel, but not so much the landscape view. I never really liked the portrait view on previous versions, so in that way it’s a step forward, but I do realize that it’s a step backwards in the landscape view. I’ll continue refining it.

      Backdrops will always be downloaded. The option to download backdrops has been removed.

      Also… the trailer stuff is temporary. I’m waiting for Google to release a YouTube plugin that should make everything better in that aspect.

  3. We never use Portrait view so we can’t comment there..

    Backdrops always being downloaded, can the storage location be user edited to move ALL data to a new location? If not I’m gonna need a 32GB SD card to keep up with the amount of movies we have?

    Agreed on the trailer, great to have them, just wanna see it handled more cleanly..

    • You won’t have any issues with storage space, I promise. It’s using less space than before 🙂

      Anyway, check this out. I’d love some feedback:


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