Version 1.7.1 is out, adds web videos

The first minor update for version 1.7 is out. The new update fixes a couple of minor bugs from the previous version, and adds two new things:

  • Web videos
    I’ve got some cool visions for this new section of the application. I’ll be adding support for more video sites in upcoming updates. Hopefully Mizuu will one day be able to collect all the most interesting video content from the web in one place.
  • Google Analytics tracking
    Tracking may sound like a bad thing, but it’s actually not. Google Analytics allows me to get a look at how the application is being used – which parts of the application are more used than others, and hopefully it’ll help me find areas that need improvement. By the way – the tracking is completely anonymous, so don’t worry about that. No user-specific data or data about your movies / TV shows is collected. It’s solely for the purpose of making the application better.

Get it on Android Market now! The Lite version update is available from here.

Update! Just noticed a bug when launching the app in portrait mode – it crashes. Fixed it and uploaded version


  1. Congratulations on the fast & succesfull release!

    • Thank you, glad you like it! 🙂


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