Version 1.7.2 is out, bringing major user experience improvements

Just published a new update for Mizuu – version 1.7.2. It’s bringing quite a few changes:

  • Added minor improvements overall
  • Added support for in Web videos
  • Added visual effects to grid views
  • Bug fixes
  • Changed “small file size” to 50 MB from 100 MB
  • Revamped File sources and Update screens
  • Unsupported file formats are now included by default

How’s that for a “minor” update? Here’s a screenshot of the new Update screen:

Get it now at Android Market. The free Lite version is available from here.

Update! Boy, I’m a jerk at supporting portrait layout, too. There’s a small fix, version, out that prevents a crash in Web videos in portrait layout.


  1. Hey Michell, love the tv shows support! I have one question however, I have a lot of tv shows that I have catalogued the following way and they are not recognized… I would appreciate it if you could add the feature to recognize the following structure:

    Series (this folder is added as one of the library folders for TV Shows):

    Show name \ SeasonEpisode.avi –> for example:

    NCIS\101.avi (this is Season 1, episode 1)
    NCIS\102.avi (this is S1 E2)
    NCIS\103.avi etc.

    It would be a hassle to have to rename all seasons of the different shows I have in this format, if you could implement it in a future update it would be amazing.


    • Yeah, that’s currently not supported and there’s a reason for that. The thing is that you can also add a year to the filename to specify searches. That year could potentially be misread by the app as the season and episode numbers, although it’s unlikely to happen. Anyway, it’s something I’m looking into. It’s more or less impossible to support all the various naming conventions people have, but I’m doing my best to give it a try 🙂

      More info on naming available here, if you want to rename just some of them:

      • Yeah I’ve read all the naming conventions in the FAQ and everything, I’ll stick around and wait to see if you could implement this change (you could check if the filename starts with the numbers [the year usually goes at the end, doesn’t it?]) Hope you can, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

        • Yeah, that’s correct. I’m going to give it a try 🙂


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