Version 1.7.9 is out: Largest update yet

I’ve just published the largest update yet to Market Google Play, and it should be ready for download in a short while. This update is called version 1.7.9.

Version 1.7.9 has been completely re-designed so it looks and peforms great on both tablets and phones. The previous version wasn’t really designed for phones, and I’ve really made up for that with this release. It’s significantly better. It also takes advantage of many of the latest features of Android, and there’s even more to come in the future. It’s impossible to go through all the changes in great detail, so I’ve just mentioned a few of them below. You’ll find a complete change log after the break. I’m going to update various parts of this website to reflect the changes in the latest version, so please be patient.

It’s intelligent!
The new version of Mizuu is much better at identifying your files and recognizing naming conventions. It also supports scraping by folder name for both movies and TV shows, and it even supports the {tvshow_name}/{season}/{episode} convention. A few examples of this would be: “Chuck/Season 4/S04E02.mkv” and “Chuck/S04/02.mkv”.

Say goodbye to dialogs
Well, kind of. The number of dialogs in Mizuu has been significantly decreased. This means that you’ll now be able to use the entire screen when browsing cover art images, fanart images, actors and whatnot. This is especially useful on phones with limited screen estate.

Updated widgets
The widgets have been completely re-designed as well, and both of them are limitless now. In other words, they’ll display all your content in a scrollable container. Also, the widgets now update every time you update your library, re-identify a movie/show or even when you download a new cover art image.

Library updates in the background
When you update your library in Mizuu, you’ll no longer have to wait for the process to finish, if you want to do something else. All library updates now happen in the background and you’ll get a notification that shows you the progress of the library updates.

No network support yet
I know I’ve said multiple times that network capabilities were coming in the next version, and by that I’ve always meant version 1.8. And it’s definitely coming in version 1.8. But as explained in this post, I am fairly new to network capabilities from a code perspective, and I am therefore uncertain of how long it’ll take to fully implement. If anybody wants to help out, feel free to let me know. Many users won’t need network support and a lot of people just want to see what else is new.

This release includes a lot of other changes and I’m sure that every single one of you will be very pleased with the changes. I think every single one of them is for the better.

As always, please do report any potential bugs. It’s a massive update and although I’ve had a group of helpful beta testers, it’s very likely that we’ve missed a few things. The update for the free version will come soon.

Change log (version 1.7.9)*:

  • Actor view has been improved
  • Added “Movies in library” feature for Actor details
  • Added “Up” buttons in all parts of the application
  • Added a review dialog that appears after 30 application launches – it’ll only be shown once and you’re free to dismiss it 🙂
  • Added fade-in animation to backdrop images from the web
  • Added icons to application settings
  • Added new sorting options
  • Added option to search for trailers on YouTube in Trailers section
  • Added seasons browser in TV shows
  • Added setting to disable cover art and fanart browsers on touch
  • Added setting to disable subfolder searching
  • Added setting to enable Instant movie mode
  • Added setting to enable titles in overviews
  • Added setting to request root access – you’ll need to enable this if you’re currently using root access with Mizuu
  • Added support for additional external memory paths in File sources
  • Added support for custom backdrop images for movies
  • Added support for poster.jpg / poster.tbn files
  • Backdrop images now scale much better
  • Bug fix: Issue with movies and show titles including special characters (might need to re-scan or manually update) – update: not fixed for backdrop images, patch coming…
  • Bug fix: Localized movie data
  • Bug fix: Movie parts
  • Bug fix: Rare crash when removing a file source
  • Changed the way the horizontal scroll view works in order to fix a compatibility issue with previous version
  • Code optimizations and speed improvements
  • Complete rewrite of the file naming “decrypters” – more intelligent and more naming conventions are supported, including folder name scraping
  • Fewer pop-up dialogs
  • Improved File sources
  • Improved thumbnail quality (requires a re-scan or manual cover art download)
  • videos now open in the browser
  • Library updates happen in the background
  • Lots of layout changes
  • Lots of strings have been made easier to understand
  • Manual TV show episode identification has been improved
  • Removed setting to enable more file formats
  • Revamped widgets, always up-to-date
  • Reviews now show Tomatometer and user score
  • Search for actors only by typing “actor: {actor name}” or genres by typing “genre: {genre}”
  • Search has been improved and now includes actors, genres and episode titles
  • Semi-transparent menu bar in details view on tablets
  • The glossy effect setting now also applies to the horizontal scroll view
  • The Welcome screen can now be personalized
  • Theme changes
  • TV show identification has been significantly improved
  • Unidentified TV show files are now added to a list of unidentified files
  • Updated Edit Movie interface

* not all changes are mentioned.


  1. All I can say is WOW!!! And thanks for all the hard work and time spent to allow us to enjoy our movies and tv shows with your wonderful app…

    • You’re very welcome! Glad you like it 🙂

  2. Michell, I am downloading the update right now with great anticipation!

    I have a question though, can I have multiple libraries?

    For example:
    One for movies
    Kids movies

    Is that possible?

    Thanks again for building one of the absolute best Android apps.

    • Good stuff, Jerry! Well, everything is stored together in the “Movies” section, but you can add categories to all your movies, and then use the categories sort of like libraries 🙂

  3. Love the App.

    I unfortunately can’t help with coding, but I know the App “x-plore” that does a great job at communicating with my NAS. Never seen anything move files on it so fast. Maybe they wouldn’t mind helping since your app is not competing with theirs.

    • Thanks, Stéphane! I have actually been talking with the developer of X-plore about it and he’s been very helpful 🙂

  4. Great update as always. Sad that you didn’t have time to finish network streaming. It is really a feature I would love to have since I stream most things from my server. This app would be like Boxee but better =)
    Thank you for all your hard work

  5. First: thanks for your great looking app! I just downloaded it an hour ago on my new Archos G9 tablet and I think this might just be what I am looking for next to XBMC on my computer. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to access my movies/tv-shows through my NAS devices but but browsing to \network\smb and from there to my NAS devices works perfectly. What I can’t seem to find is a way to store the Mizuu data-directory to my miniSD external card and/or an external USB stick ?! I have an only 8GB tablet and android ICS is already a bit shaky for maybe memory reasons on this device.
    Anyhow, love it so far!

    • Hey Howard! Thanks for your nice comments. There’s no way to change the directory of the data folder, and there are two main reasons for that:

      1. Android doesn’t allow developers to differentiate between internal and external memory. The only thing you can do is to request the default memory path, and – depending on the device – that can be both external and internal memory. Even if a device has both internal and external memory, you won’t be able to make Android tell you the location of the external memory. In Mizuu I’ve got a list of different paths to the external memory on various devices, which means I’ll have to go through the list at runtime to check if each path actually exists – if it does, there’s a good chance, that I’ve found the path of the external memory. But nothing is certain.
      2. In cases where a device has both internal and external memory, it’s not possible for applications to write to the external memory on Android 3.2+ without a special permission. The Android developer team has commented on this, and have yet to figure out if it’s a bug or not, but I won’t do anything related to this until it’s cleared up. If a device has external memory only, this will be treated as the default memory, and as such will be writable despite it being an external memory source.

      This is generally more complicated than it should be, but I hope my explanation helped a bit. Besides, I can almost assure you that Mizuu won’t take up that much storage space (see this), and that your performance issues with ICS aren’t caused by low storage memory. If anything, it’s low RAM.


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