Version 2.1 has been released

Version 2.1 of Mizuu has just been released on Google Play, and it brings a lot of improvements and a number of bug fixes. I highly encourage anyone to download the latest update.

Major changes in version 2.1:

  • Added character details in the actors overview for movies and TV shows
  • Added option to choose between grid view and list view for TV show seasons
  • Added option to delete file when removing a movie or TV show episode
  • Added option to filter by content certification in movie and TV show libraries
  • Fixed a bug causing Action Bar tabs not to update when swiping between pages
  • Fixed a bug causing content libraries to show no content when resuming
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Mizuu to find invalid files
  • Fixed a bug that caused lower-case titles to be displayed last when sorting by title
  • Fixed a bug with “Available files” if the user selects another option before loading
  • Fixed a bug with “Ignore prefixes in titles”
  • Fixed “Sort by newest episode” in TV shows
  • Fixed various bugs when adding file sources
  • Improved Daydream service with support for TV shows and better transitions (Android 4.2 only)
  • Improved recognition of movies and shows with hyphens in the title, i.e. “The A-Team” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”
  • Improved Welcome screen with a better menu and transitions
  • No longer exits the application when pressing back if the Welcome screen is enabled
  • Now shows the title of movies and TV shows in the overview if cover art isn’t available
  • Now stores all application data in a folder that gets deleted when uninstalling – please see this post before updating
  • Various performance improvements
  • Widgets now ignore title prefixes if the setting is enabled

You can download the updated version from Google Play. The free version has been updated as well, and will be available shortly on Google Play.

PS. Because this update moves the data files, you’ll NEED to start the application, wait a few minutes while it move the data files and then perhaps re-add the widgets to refresh everything.

PPS. There’s a bug with one of the movie widgets. I’ve fixed it and the patch should be available within a few hours.

PPPS. I’ve just uploaded version 2.1.1 with a few bug fixes.

On another note, I can now – finally – respond to user reviews on Google Play, and I’ve already replied to about 40 reviews, so if you’ve been wondering about something mentioned in a review, it might be worth checking it out again to see if I replied to that review.


  1. good job 🙂
    i hope to see update every two weeks that will be better !!
    and what about widget and dlna!!!
    i think the widget need improve its need to have tabs and frame! not only the cover movie!!

    • Thanks!

      Updates will be roughly every month. DLNA is a huge thing, and it’s not something I’m ready to do yet. As for the widgets, I don’t think it’s possible to create a tabbed interface. I was wrong 🙂

  2. On my network server I have many self-made and self-titled movies, everyone in it’s folder together with self-made cover art with the same title.
    In previous versions of Mizuu, if application did not find movie title in The Movie Database, it shows self-made cover art.
    But in the last versions of Mizuu, this is not the case any more.
    Please, can you restore this functionality, it is essential for many camera owners who make their own home movies.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Marko! It’s still there, you just need to activate the feature. It’s a check box called “Ignore .nfo files”, which is checked by default. Just disable it and Mizuu should start picking up on that stuff. It doesn’t yet work with network files though, and it also slows down the application a bit, because it needs to do file checks at runtime for each movie in your library.

  3. Hey Michell,

    Nice work on the new update! I have a suggestion regarding the design of the app, which is nearly perfect I might add. In the widgets, the loading of the covers while scrolling gets done to a clear background, while in the app itself there are grey placeholders. I think it would be a lot more beautiful if the same method as in the widgets would be applied to the in-app loading, if possible obviously. The loading might then even be mistaken for an ‘effect’ instead of pointing out the slightly laggy read speed (of my devices anyway).

    • Hey! If I’m not mistaking – which I might be – it should be showing a placeholder when loading the images wit the latest update. If not, I’ll fix that.

  4. Hey Michell,

    thanks again for the update, the fixed “Sort by newest episode” option really is one of my favourites in the changelog 🙂

    However, while it works great on my Nexus 7, the app doesn’t start anymore on my Ricomagik MK2. I see the “Moving data” status message, but it takes like forever, starts flashing after some time, and kind of makes the whole system unsresponsive. Not sure about how I can help tracking this problem down.

    • Hi Matt,

      Make sure you just open the application ONCE and let it move the files. If you’ve got a lot of files, it may take a few minutes. The lag is caused by poor I/O performance on your MK2. That’s usually one of the downsides of these rather cheap TV sticks.

  5. Yeah that was what I thought too, but I let it run over night, and the “flickering” (status message disappears, shows up again, repeatedly) somehow doesn’t look like it’s intended.

    I would be ok with completely removing the old version, but uninstalling doesn’t delete the library (obviously), and I just can’t delete the files manually — the MK2 is rooted, but I still fail trying, maybe someone can give me a hint about that?

    • Sorry, that should be a reply to the above post

    • Hey Matt,

      That sure does sound strange. Anyway, I do have a fix for you. You can keep all your files and libraries, if you want, but it’ll take a wee bit longer to do, as you’ll have to copy all the stuff manually.

      Anyway, the easiest way out is simply to delete the old data folder. It’s in data/com.miz.mizuu on your primary internal storage. Just delete the “com.miz.mizuu” folder, and you’ll be good to go.

  6. Hi Michell,
    With this version mizuu cannot find my tv show properly:

    Tv show inside folder “BATTLE_STAR_GALACTICA”
    each episode named as you suggested:


    • The show is called “Battlestar Galactica”, not “Battle Star Galactica”. I wouldn’t have suggested that. Try changing it, it’ll definitely work.

      • sorry Battlestar Galactica is how i have named but it does not work. For information i have no network available.


        • It obviously won’t work if you aren’t connected to a network 🙂

          • ho really only videos are working without network :-(. Ok i will go to Mc Do to update my library lol.

  7. This is a wonderful app for cataloging movies. I have been using the older version (1.7.x) for sometime and have recently updated to 2.1.1. I am on a Motorola Xoom and have now updated to the latest version 2.1.1. It seems that the ‘trailers’ require the latest You Tube app to be present to display inside the Mizuu app. On the Xoom however, I am sticking to the stock You Tube 3.x app. Is it possible to check if the latest You Tube is not present, we can open up the trailers in You Tube app like we did with the Mizuu 1.7 version, instead of an error message being displayed.

    • Hi Jacob,

      It’s being changed for the next update. I’d highly recommend updating the YouTube application, though. Lots of good stuff.

      • Hi Michell,
        Just wanted to check, Is the functionality to access older you tube app, available in the 2.2 paid version that is in the market? The free version is still at 2.1.1 so I can not check.

        • Hey! I think I fixed it with 2.2 🙂

          • Hi Michell, Sent you a mail with the stack trace. No Hurries. Version 1.7 still works fine for me.

  8. Before, TV shows seasons were collapsed, now they are all expanded, and there’s no “expand first season” option. Is collapsed seasons coming back? It’s a bit of a hassle to scroll through 9 seasons to get to the 10th with a gyro remote control,

    • Hi Sebastian,

      Mizuu isn’t designed to be remote controlled. It’s designed for touch devices, and it’s not really a problem on such devices. Having said that, I’m considering bringing it back somehow.

      • Changes like this disappoint me. Not only I cannot collapse the seasons, but after I watch an episode it jumps back to the first season and I have to scroll down again to find the next episode. It was working perfectly before, I cannot understand the reasoning in changing it.

        • Hi Adrian,

          The issue with it scrolling to the top has been fixed, it’ll be in the next version. I was using a so-called ExpandableListView in the previous version, and that has built-in expand/collapse functionality. Sadly, it doesn’t support the grid view I introduced with this version, so I had to change. I’ll try to implement collapse/expand functionality on the new ones.

  9. Agree with Sebastian, please bring back all seasons collapsed, with option to expand season 1 only. The new way (everything expanded) isn’t so bad with 2 or 3 seasons, but some show go 10 years x 22 eps per season, scrolling hundreds of entries to get to the bottom!!

  10. Unwatched Episodes filter in TV Shows does not seem to work. If I select Unwatched Episodes, it still shows all watched shows as well. If I select Watched Episodes, this filter seems to work properly. Is Unwatched Episodes filter planned for future release, or am I missing something?

  11. I would also like to see all Season Collapse option return. A nice option would be an ‘Expand Season with first Unwatched Episode’ option. That would assist greatly with Series with a large number of seasons. Thanks for the excellent media solution. Much appreciated.

    • Yes, this I had write in the suggestions. This will be very helpful.

  12. Does the DELETE FILE option only work on local media? I have noticed that it will delete a file on my local device, but it does not seem to delete the file if it is on a SMB share.

    • Nope, it works on all kinds of media. You’ll obviously need the account privileges as well.

  13. Has 2.1.1 (lite) Ad Supported version been abandoned? I thought there was going to be an ad supported version and paid version. Has that changed?

  14. Got it. That’s too bad. But, I certainly respect your right to pursue the customer base and user type you prefer. Wish you well in your endeavors. Cheers!!

    • It’s not really a matter of pursuing the customer base I prefer. It’s simply a matter of time and the free version isn’t worth the time at the moment.

  15. FYI… Mentioned your work and cool product to the developers at MediaBrowser. They are doing interesting work on a media management solution that spans multiple OS platforms. (Windows, Web Client, Android, iPhone, Roku, etc.) Perhaps there is some opportunity for some collaboration between you guys.


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