Version 2.4 is out, bringing refinement and improved stability

Mizuu has just been updated to version 2.4, and the latest update brings a lot of minor refinements, bug fixes and overall improved stability. You’ll also find a bit of new functionality. Excited to see the changes? Let’s dive right in!

Quick access to installed media apps

Quite a few people have requested that Mizuu should allow easy access to other installed media applications, making it an all-in-one application for your media consumption needs. This has now been added as an experimental feature that’ll be improved and expanded further upon in future releases.

The feature is enabled by default and you’ll be presented with a list of media application shortcuts in the application menu drawer, which is accessible when swiping from the left edge of the screen. Simply select the application you want to open and it’s there. Hit the Back-button and you’re back in Mizuu.


I’ll continue working on improving the navigation drawer with more features and content, so you’ll most likely see some visual changes in coming updates.

Set the initial page for TV show details

Mizuu will now allow you to set the initial page when viewing TV show details. This means that you’ll be able to jump straight to the episodes listing rather than the TV show overview page when selecting a TV show from the main overview.

This can be set in the application settings under User Interface and then TV shows initial page.


Integrates with global device search

With version 2.4 you’ll be able to access search results from Mizuu using the global device search on your smartphone or tablet. Mizuu will show search results from both the movie and TV show library. From that point forward you can simply select the movie or TV show you want to watch, and Mizuu will pop up with the selected content.


Global search is an interesting feature of Android and there’s quite a bit of future potential for Mizuu in this area. Expect to see various improvements in future versions.

Improved handling of unidentified movies

It doesn’t happy very often, but sometimes Mizuu might not be able to automatically identify movies in your library. If that’s the case, Mizuu will create a very simple movie library entry for the file – without a description, cover image and all the other cool stuff.


With version 2.4 Mizuu will no longer show unidentified movies in the “All movies” view. Instead you’ll have to select the new “Unidentified movies” option from the drop-down menu. Once selected, you’ll be presented with all – if any – movies in your library that haven’t been automatically identified.

Easy overview of unwatched TV shows

In a somewhat similar fashion, you’ll now be able to see which TV shows in your library contain unwatched episodes. Once again, you’ll need to select a menu item from the drop-down menu and this time it’s called “Unwatched shows”. Once selected, Mizuu will show you the TV shows you haven’t watched.



Sort movies and TV shows by duration

Another new addition in version 2.4 is the option to sort your movies and TV shows by duration. Your content will be shown in descending order based on the duration. If you use the fast scroll option when sorting by duration, you’ll get an indicator telling you the duration of the content you’re currently hovering over, i.e. “2h” for 2 hours.


Updated various application layouts

This change would probably be classified as refinement.

The movie details and TV show details pages have been updated with an improved layout on tablets. The updated layouts now show the tagline and description on the left while details like run time, genres and rating are displayed on the right.



I’ve also made some slight changes to the layout of the actor biography page, so it looks a lot better, especially on tablets. I’ve also made some performance improvements in this area, which lead to lag-free scrolling between the pages and significantly faster processing of the blurred background image.



To load or not to load images while scrolling

That’s the question. Or at least it can be now. Version 2.4 allows the user to determine if Mizuu should load images in lists and grid views while scrolling. This is disabled by default as it can potentially cause slight performance issues, but you can now enable it if you want. It’s an application-wide feature, but you’ll currently have to re-open the application for the changes to take effect. This will be changed in a future update.


Various other changes

In addition to the aforementioned changes, I’ve fixed a number of bugs. The previous version of Mizuu would sometimes display release dates for movies and TV shows incorrectly, but version 2.4 fixes that. Certain TV show episodes and seasons would also be sorted incorrectly – that’s also fixed. The previous version also had the unfortunate capability of having multiple instances of the same library update run simultaneously. This would lead to crashes, incorrect data and other nasty stuff. That’s fixed in version 2.4.

With the latest update you can now also search your movie library for file names. This was removed in a previous update, but it’s back again now, as I’ve made it faster. I’ve also updated various third party libraries, updated the Roboto font to the latest iteration and fixed a number of various minor bugs and issues that most people probably won’t notice. It’s mainly about stability improvements and I’ll continue to focus on such improvements in the coming updates.

Available now on Google Play

The update is available for all users right now on Google Play. Hurry up and get it now!

Update #1: Version 2.4.1 is out, please update

I accidentally made some changes that broke library updates. These are fixed in version 2.4.1, has been uploaded and is available on Google Play now. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Update #2: Version 2.4.2 was uploaded to fix compatibility with Android 4.4

Update #3: Version 2.4.3 will be coming in a few days

Mizuu automatically reports to a service if something crashes, and I’ve received a few of those automatic crash reports. I imagine there’ll be others in the coming days. I’ve already fixed the ones I’ve received and I’ll continue doing so for the next few days. After that, I’ll release a minor update to fix the reported issues. If you want to help make Mizuu more stable, please try out all kinds of things in the application. Like I said, if something crashes it’ll be reported automatically.

Version 2.4.3 will also fix a bug with movies split in multiple parts and bring a significantly more flexible solution, as you can see in the screenshot below. It’ll also continue improving compatibility with Android 4.4.



  1. Hi Michell, my library update still seems broken. I updated this friday night so I have the latest version.

    • Hi Klaas! Hmm, that sounds strange. Can you describe the exact steps to reproduce it?

      • Yup. Yesterday I updated Mizuu in Google Play, but didn’t use it. Today I updated Mizuu again and added 3 movies to my movie folders. Then I opened Mizuu and pressed the update Library icon. It started scanning. Then in the status tray the percentage-completed counted 50%, 66%, 83%. During which it said Added: but with no titles shown behind it. Then it’s ready and no movies are added.

        • Have you checked the new unidentified movies section?

          • Yes, there are some titles there, but not the new ones (popular titles).

            • Hmm, that sure sounds peculiar. Can you try to clear the library and run the update again? Just to check. I ran complete updates of both movies and TV shows on all my devices last night and it was working fine with the changes I made in 2.4.1.

            • That does the trick, thanks!

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