Version 2.5.1: Bug fixes en masse

Hi guys!

I’ve just uploaded a small update to Mizuu on Google Play. The primary focus of this update is bug fixes and performance improvements. I’m rather busy these days, which explains the lack of blog posts, but I’ve been keeping up with users on the forums, by e-mail and in Google Play reviews.

This may very well be a “point 1” release, but I highly suggest anyone to update as soon as possible. The AppGratis campaign resulted in over 17,000 application installs and the sudden influx of users obviously meant that potential bugs would be discovered faster. This update fixes at least 15 bugs and a number of potential crashes. It also improves performance in a number of areas.

The most notable bug fix has to do with unidentified movies. With version 2.5, Mizuu would group all unidentified movies into one single entry in your library overview. That was obviously not an intended feature, so I fixed that with this update. I also fixed a bug that disabled certain settings on non-touch devices.


Another interesting improvement has to do with searching your library. The search used to be rather bad and you’d have to enter titles exactly as they are in order for them to show up. This meant that the X-Men movies wouldn’t be returned if you entered “Xmen”, and likewise you wouldn’t be able to find “The World’s End” if you searched for “The Worlds End”. That changes with this update. I hope to improve search even further in the future by providing actor suggestions if you’re searching for actors – it’s a bit far off, but I just thought I’d mention it.

I’ll probably release another update in a few days that adds more translations and perhaps fixes a few other bugs.

Anyway, as always – the update can be downloaded on Google Play within a few hours. Have fun!

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