Version 2.5-beta1 is out for beta testers

I’ve just uploaded version 2.5-beta1 on Google Play, and it’ll be available for beta testers within a few hours.

The beta contains three big changes, and I’ll quickly go through each of them.

Full screen mode

Mizuu now includes a setting that’ll allow you to use the application in full screen mode, essentially removing the top status bar and giving you more room for your content. It’s pretty cool and works really well when viewing movie or TV show details – here’s what it looks like with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.


The setting is found in Settings -> User Interface -> Fullscreen mode. It requires an application restart.

Updated navigation drawer

I’ve been looking at ways to improve the navigation drawer in Mizuu and I think I’m on the right path. With today’s beta, you’ll see some pretty big changes in he navigation drawer. It’s cleaner, more modern and allows for greater flexibility if that should be needed in future updates.


The cover image in the navigation drawer changes whenever your content changes and it will always show the newest additions in your libraries or the newest backdrop image if you manually change the backdrop image of a movie or a TV show.

The personalization-stuff comes from and is part of Mizuu’s integration with Mizuu will automatically display your full name from the service and the application will also download your profile photo and use that to display next to your name. If you’re already logged in to in Mizuu, you’ll need to log in again for Mizuu to grab the new information. If you’ve never been logged in to, you’ll be presented with a friendly greeting instead.

Work on handling multiple versions of movies

I know that many people have multiple versions of the same movie and that can create clutter in your library. With this beta update, I’ve started working on solving this issue and it’ll get better in the next beta update. Right now you’ll still see entries for all versions in your library overview, but it won’t be like that for long.

It currently removes all versions of a movie if you remove one of them. Same thing happens when you add or remove favourites, watchlist and watched status. If you edit one version of a movie, the changes will be reflected on the other versions as well. It does not work when selecting which file to play, nor does it work when manually identifying a movie.

Other than that, the beta version contains minor bug fixes and visual changes.┬áIf you’re part of the beta testers program, you’ll be able to download the update from Google Play within a few hours.


  1. Hey,

    The fullscreenmode is a real good idea!

    The new navigation bar is also nice. In the landscape mode on mobile phones it is a little bit to large or down. Than I see just the first an the second menu half.

    Greetings ant thx for the great work!

    • You’re right about the navigation drawer in landscape on phones – I’m thinking about removing the cover photo and name stuff in landscape on phones.


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