Version 2.6 is out: Get your fix on!

Hi everyone!

I’ve just released a new version of Mizuu on Google Play. It seems like it’s already available for end-users, so go ahead and download version 2.6 now and read the change log while the download takes place.


  • New app icon!
  • Added option to transfer movies to device from network share
    You can find this in the movie details view using the Watch offline menu option.
  • Improved handling of unidentified movies
  • Performance improvements in lots of places
    Expect loading of stuff to go a lot faster. Especially network stuff.
  • Actor suggestions are now shown when searching for actors in the movie and TV show overviews
  • Fixed a number of issues and crashes
  • Improved sorting of movie collections and Mizuu now remembers your last selection
  • Added option to change thumbnail size in movie and TV show overviews
    If you want to watch more content at a glance, that’s now possible.
  • Added more frequent automatic library scan options
    Important: This change breaks any previously set preferences, so you’ll have to do this again!
  • Fixed issues with certain network share setups.
  • Updated the layout of the movie and TV show details views
    Less text, more icons. Yay!
  • Moved “Contact developer” to the application settings panel
  • Various minor user interface changes and usability improvements
    Usability improvements for Google TV devices in particular.
  • Improved file recognition, especially for certain TV show structures.
  • Added support for .img files



I’m working on improving the speed of image loading in the application. You’ll see the improvements with this release in the movies overview. That’s currently the only place it’s been implemented – mainly to ensure that everything is working as expected. The new image loading ignores the “Load images while scrolling” option, so that would explain it if you’re wondering. The plan is to improve image loading even further for the next version and roll out the new method throughout the rest of the application.

Edit: The above-mentioned image loading stuff also caused an issue with image caching. This has been fixed in version, which will be available within a few hours from now.

Also worth mentioning: I’ll be aiming to do monthly releases on the 20th of each month going forward. I’ll also try to supply at least one beta version between release versions. As some of you know, I’m keeping track of my to-do list using an issue tracker on Github. The issue tracker includes milestones for each upcoming release and has a list of related issues for each milestone. If I’m not done with all issues in time for a release, I’ll postpone it for the next version.

Update (21-01-2014, 4:47 PM CET): The new image loading has introduced a few issues that will be fixed shortly. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Update (22-01-2014, 12:26 AM CET): Just uploaded the patched version (, which fixes the issues with image caching. It’ll be available within a few hours.

Update (24-01-2014, 3:19 PM CET): Just uploaded another small patch (, which fixes other issues with image loading and caching. This should hopefully fix all current high priority issues.

Update (27-01-2014, 3:07 AM CET): Just uploaded yet another patch ( This should once again fix issues with image loading.


  1. i line the idea with the icons and the app runs better and faster than ever., big big thx

  2. I’m so excited about the “transfer to device” option as I often travel. Are you planing the same feature for TV shows? That would be fabulous! 🙂

    • Yep, next version. Just wanted to make sure that everything works. It currently supports queuing downloads as well, which will be used for TV shows especially.

      • Great! I will testing it and reporting any issue.

      • Is there a way to see which files have been downloaded for offline view? In airplane mode, I can play the files I downloaded. But I don’t see them with the “Available files” option.

        • Oh wow. I knew there was something I’d forgotten about. I’ll be sure to fix that.

  3. Great to see you committed to the upgrades. There’s something hat need fixing. The artwork has a new structure and when you download a net artwork everyone is called artcover. But that’s not really important, the main issue is that when you go back the mosaic doesn’t refresh with the new artcover you have to scroll up or down for it to happen.

    • “artcover”?

      Yeah, there’s a caching issue I need to fix.

      • Plus the old artcover is not substituted by the new one when you select a movie.

        • Yeah, that’s the caching issue I was talking about. It’s a fairly easy fix

  4. I really love your app & have recommended it to my friends. You are a responsive developer that has asked for suggestions, so after a little thought i think that being able to log into YouTube or at least choose what videos or channels from YouTube that are displayed for viewing. This would put the most 2 used apps together for simple use by my novice family and friends. Thanks

    • Hi! I’ve thought about this before, but the actual implementation is the biggest issue. I suppose it could replace the default YouTube selection with your own subscriptions, etc.


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