Version 2.8.9 is out

Version 2.8.9 is out

Naturally, I’ve been working on Mizuu despite it being removed from Google Play, and you’re getting to see some of the changes now.

The Google Play team let me know that they reinstated Mizuu conditionally. I had to upload a version that complies with their content policy. That’s why I’m releasing a new version right now – it may be a bit rough around the edges, but I think it’s better than nothing. This also explains why it’s still a 2.8.x release and not version 2.9.

The new version includes a number of changes – in no particular order:

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Improvements for non-touch devices
  • Support for offline watching of UPnP movies
  • Added code to download TV show season cover art (will be used in the future)
  • Improvements to manual identification of movies from UPnP sources (TV shows will follow with the upcoming re-write)
  • The user interface has been updated and now uses the card style for most content (TV show seasons / episodes will be updated with the upcoming re-write)
  • Other minor user interface tweaks and updates
  • Added adult filter that makes Mizuu ignore a number of movies that contain explicit words in the title (enabled by default – can be disabled in settings)
  • Added option to filter movies that are available offline
  • Improved support for “phablet” devices

It’s worth pointing out that the new cards UI does respect the “Show titles in overview” setting. If you don’t want titles and extra meta data in your overview, it will not appear.

Here are some screenshots of some of the changes:

 device-2014-05-21-025922 device-2014-05-21-025934 device-2014-05-21-025950 device-2014-05-21-030034

 As always, you’ll be able to get the update via Google Play within a few hours. If you don’t want to wait, you can grab it immediately from the Downloads section of the site.


  1. I dont like the new white space between the covers… what about the possibility of configure it?

    • An option to configure the whitespace between grid items? That seems rather useless for just about most people. I think getting a slight bit of whitespace is healthy 🙂

      • Did you do a poll to know what most people like? Lol.

        • Nope, I don’t see any reason why I should do it. So far, you and Miklos (see comments below) are the only ones I’ve had “complaints” from. One other user mentioned that the liked the other one better, but that this one isn’t bad. That’s the only criticism I’ve received so far. Other than that, I’ve had other people telling me that they like the changes.

          Adding a theme option may not seem like a lot of work, but it truly is – and it takes a lot of time to maintain. I *may* do it once I get everything resolved with the current theme, but that is a BIG ‘maybe’ and it’ll only happen if I manage to create something that looks and feels right.

  2. I guess that having Nymphomaniac art cover on your screenshot does not help with Google. Your filter should definitely filter this kind of movie out to keep Google happy!

    • That’s not really explicit content. Nothing explicit is shown in the covers or backdrop images.

  3. The cards UI looks out of place compared to before, and compared to the other screens.

    • It’s a matter of taste, I guess. I feel it fits very well. I naturally wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think it was an improvement 🙂

  4. Where is the dark skin? The white skin looks terrible

    • It has been changed. This is lighter and cleaner – something I’m trying to achieve across the application.

      • So your personal preference is more important than what your paying customers liked? Why in the world would you remove the option? The white theme is HORRIBLE on a big TV.


        • I haven’t removed any “option”. The dark style was the theme of the application, and visual changes occur. Change is good. Look at the way Google are going with Android – most of their apps are moving towards this style. It would be stupid not to follow.

          And yes, my personal preference decides what I do and don’t do. I have no intention of creating something I wouldn’t personally use. There is simply no way I can create something that every single paying user wants.

          • Lol that’s a terrible stance, you could have made the light theme an option, default if you liked.

            • What part of it is a terrible stance? Following the design trends set by the company that creates Android? That change is good? That I’m creating something I would personally use?

              I have a hard time understanding that any of them are a terrible stance to have.

              Some would argue that the original design is not optimal if you need to offer additional options to theme the application.

              Having said all of this, the current version is a bit rough around the edges, as stated in the blog post. It was rushed due to all the fuzz with the Google Play team. The next version will make it better, although it won’t change the theme color.

            • It’s a bad stance to ignore requests on the basis ‘you personally cant see the need for it’ which has happened several times before – or force a visual change of this magnitude instead of making it an option. And making media apps white is NOT a trend, Hulu, Netflix etc. aren’t going white and if they do/did they’d make it an option as I guarantee you by FAR the vast majority of Mizuu users prefers it dark.

              But good thing it’s open source now so it’s not a problem anymore.

            • do u tried the new white theme in a TV? Its horrible, seriously, i dont understand why we can not configure it through an option… its easy and all the people will be happy… In my country we could say about your decision: por mis cojones

  5. I think we broke the comment section lol

    • Yeah, the comment threading of this WP theme doesn’t really handle long discussions very well.

      Anyway… Feel free to fork it and make the changes you want. That’s the beauty of making it open source.

  6. Thanks God Mizuu is back! Removing it from Google Play was a huge mistake by big G. It sounds like that Mizuu will be “officially” on my launcher again 🙂

    Thank you Michell for all the great work done to improve Mizuu (and it’s availability) day by day.

  7. Thanks for the update and glad to see it back in the market! I know many have already commented on this but I also prefer the black background. The white does take away the nice polished look of the of the last version. Hope its brought back in the next update by popular demand 🙂

    • while more and more people dislike the White background, can it be an option, to make the collor of the background in all sections, Movie, TV-Show, Online… chancheable by choose a color? (not priority one but in the future?)

      I Like the white background and the position of the Titles!!! by that the chanching text under the title if i change the sortorder is also very very nice!!!

      Big THX for your great work from the begining with an litle buggy app to this now!!!!!

  8. Nice to see Mizzu back!!!!!

    So… i am not fan white border too. But i can live with that lol

    Most important, i have a major and a minors issues:
    – With 3 différents tv box… In search box, Mizzu close and i back on home after 1 letter entered….
    – UPNDP/DLNA loop when it search DLNA server… Ethernet android related (i ve talked about that)

    A question :
    Could you add a new sort option: “Sort by date added (where date added is file date!)”



    • Yep, I’m aware of that bug. Need to get it fixed.

      I’m not sure I’ll be able to order by the file date. I’ll see.

  9. OK. Same search bug with Nexus 10 fyi.

    File date will be great. Its a mess when you loose database… You have to import all again, and you loose dowloaded order!
    BTW, I loose database because a refresh with no folders (mouted nfs) found… An error message will be precious in that case 😉

    Thanks again.

  10. Hi Michell,

    I completely missed the removal of Mizuu from Google Play, but I’m glad it’s back 🙂 About the ‘white’ issue: maybe consider a ‘night-mode’ option (invert the white and black of the layout, via settings). Whatever you do or don’t do, I’m still quite happy with the app. Any translating coming up?

  11. Hi Mitchell,

    Everything is fantastic as always, only the new white background acts as eye-lava on my big screen tv. I’ve read that a few other people have said they aren’t fans of the new white background and that your not likely to change it any time soon, or even at all. Though would it be possible to get an older version of the app before the most recent update with the new white background was implemented? Sadly there doesn’t appear to be a way to revert back to an older version once the update has been completed.

    And again, thanks for all the hard work you keep doing with this app.

    • Oops! Just found where the older version .apk’s are.

      While I’m re-commenting, the one other option that I haven’t seen anyone mention is the ability to choose where the mizuu artwork folder is located? It would be awesome to be able to choose an external-sd card as the location due to the large sizes of the artwork files. As it stands my onboard storage is getting critically low.

  12. All right, I’m giving in… A dark theme option is coming. The margin / padding around items won’t change though.

  13. Oh man, that’s why 2013 Hitchcock wasn’t identified!!! I guess the c**k in it is to blame… I was so confused…
    Great work on Mizuu. Been using it for a few months and it’s a great app for my tv android set. Thanks

    • Heh yeah, that’s why. I might be able to do something that fixes it in these cases. It’s a bit annoying.


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