Version 2.8 is out!

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to announce that version 2.8 has been released on Google Play. I told you guys about the upcoming design changes just earlier today, and these changes are packed in today’s release. It’s more beautiful than ever before. Here’s what I wrote about the changes earlier today:

  • Cover photo now appears in portrait mode
  • Important change: The “Play” button has been moved to the Action Bar. There’s been a number of reasons for this, mainly that it no longer distracts on the backdrop / cover image, it allows users to start playback when viewing actors, and it’s easier for non-touch devices to deal with.
  • The text has been updated. It’s now slightly larger and uses different fonts.
  • The Action Bar is almost completely transparent. When viewed on a device in portrait mode, it becomes more opaque as you scroll down. It’s similar to Google Play Music when viewing an album – really quite cool.
  • The Action Bar now splits on phones, so the top part will show the drop-down menu and the bottom one will show the menu icons. This currently only applies to movies as these have far more menu items than TV shows.

I plan on making more visual improvements throughout the application, as I feel it’s gotten a bit outdated compared to how a modern Android application should look and feel these days.

In addition to the visual changes, version 2.8 also introduces support for adding UPnP / DLNA network shares in Mizuu. I still can’t guarantee that it’ll work with all configurations and setups, but give it a try and please provide feedback. I’m naturally looking to make it work with as many configurations as possible. For more details about the UPnP / DLNA support, please read this blog post.

Other than that, the update contains some bug fixes and various minor improvements.






The update is out on Google Play and is available right now, so go ahead and update!


Version Fixes a crash with movie and TV show library updates due to a stupid mistake on my part. I’m dumb. Sorry about that, guys.

Version Fixes an issue with the Action Bar on Android 3.2 devices.

Version Fixes an issue with UPnP servers that don’t provide a serial number.


  1. Another great update – keep up the great work! This is one of my all time favourite apps!

  2. Hi Michell, I like to look at filmposters, so the new layout without the ‘play’-triangle is very much appreciated 🙂

  3. Nice update!


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