Video players will now be able to use data from Mizuu

Some of you might remember my cool idea from a few months ago. It was basically about providing third party video players with all kinds of meta data through Intent extras when playing a video from Mizuu. With this data, developers would be able to provide users with a much better user experience.

I’m happy to say that I’ve now published a developer API that gives you an overview of what kind of data you can retrieve from Mizuu, and how to do it. It’s very easy to do, and can improve the user experience a lot. I’m also happy to say that the team behind VLC for Android are very positive about this endeavour.

The API page is available right here, and can also be found using the link in the bottom menu of the site.

The data will be available for video players with the next version of Mizuu, which will be available this week.


  1. Is it also possible to use intents to drill down to the IMDB app (when available) instead of

    • Hi Jason!

      From the movie details view or what do you have in mind?


      • Movie details and actor details.

        Would also be awesome if Mizuu was include in the tablet search.

  2. Sure, I can add it there, no problem.

    Would love to add Mizuu to device search, but it’s a really big change.

    • I see you added the link to IMDB in the new version!


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