Video: Upcoming widget changes

I’m making many changes in the next release of Mizuu and widgets will be no exception. Say goodbye to limitations and having to choose between limited layouts and fixed amounts of videos. The new widgets build upon the current design and adds direct access to your entire video library right in the widgets. I’ve made a short video below to demo the changes and compare it with the current implementation. It’s shot on my phone, so apologizes for the low quality. Still a work in progress, but it’ll give you an idea:

The cascading widget will also be updated and will be capable of showing your entire library.

Future versions of Mizuu will likely build even more features upon these changes – i.e. the option of choosing a widget based on your favorites or perhaps a certain genre.


  1. I’d say it looks great, but I get a “this video is private; sorry about that” error :/.

    Still, it sounds great! 😀

    • Whoops, sorry. Should be OK now 🙂

  2. Looks awesome man. Can’t wait for the new release of Mizuu, I’ve even set up my own NAS to hook it up and stream stuff lol.

  3. i love how the app looks like 100% ICS
    like it was made from google themself!

    is there a similar programm for PC or MAC? i tried XMBC but it doesn’t get all the meta data like this awesome app does

    • Thanks! The next version will integrate better with ICS 🙂

      Well, there are quite a few similar applications. XBMC is one of them, as you said. I’m pretty sure it can be configured to fetch all kinds of data 🙂 Another one is Boxee. I quite like that one 🙂

    • As Michell already said, XBMC, Boxee and Plex are the most popular choices. As interesting trivia, both Boxee and Plex are forks based on XBMC :).

      As I’ve heard it’s basically like this:
      – XBMC: If you just want to have your media played, and have it played well. Also offers support for some games and extra goodies like that. People say it’s harder to set up then Boxee/Plex.
      – Boxee: It was known for nicer add-on integration and better looks, but all this stuff has been integrated in XBMC by now (even Netflix it seems). I know it had some problems with scrapers in the past, it’s probably fixed by now though.
      – Plex: I hear this one is all about sharing and making your media “social” – through various social sites (facebook, twitter, … ).

      Personally I went with XBMC because it works very well on both Linux and PC. And apart from what people say, I didn’t find it hard to set up at all, I had it up and running pretty fast. There are some excellent guides around the web, detailing how to set up each one and the differences between them.

      But unrelated to which media player you choose, I would seriously recommend using a media manager to store movie info (the actual movie info, thumbnails, artwork, fanart, actors, … ) locally with your files. It can make a LOT of difference when you have to set up your media center again (if you have a big movie/TV show collection, the scrapers can literally scrape for days. If you already have your data stored with your media, you cut that time down to minutes). Also, if all your data is stored like that you can just install XBMC/whatever on another comp and link it up to your drive on another computer and you’re set in a few minutes. And you can use that data in Mizuu too ;).
      There are loads of media managers around, I found Media Companion and quite liked it – it’s easy to use, it allows file renaming etc. But of course, organising all your media could quickly turn into a weekend project, especially if you (like some people tend to do) just throw all your files into the “Downloads” folder 😛


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