Justin.tv support coming to Mizuu

Web videos was launched just a few days ago as a third section of Mizuu, joining local movies and TV shows with popular online content. It’s been a great success so far!

Currently only YouTube is supported in the new Web videos section, but I’m happy to announce that Justin.tv / Twitch.tv will be added in the next update with near real-time screenshot previews of all the streams.

Justin.tv has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially from the e-sports scene. Being a big fan of e-sports I’m going to use this upcoming functionality almost every day to check the most popular streams and see if there’s anything of interest. Entertainment streams are usually the ones with the highest viewer counts.

Again, if you’ve got a favourite video service that you’d like to see implemented in Mizuu, don’t hesitate to suggest it. If the service offers an open API, there’s a good chance it’ll be possible.

Anyway, the update will be out within a few days and will come with some other stuff as well. More on that later!

By the way – Mizuu reached 96% active installs for the paid version today. That means that 96 percent of everyone who has bought the application has it installed on their device and that it is being actively used. Wow!


  1. Once again a fast update. Great!
    Any news on the NAS support without rooting the device?

    • Cheers!

      No progress have been made so far, but there’s a good reason for that. I need a NAS device to test on first 🙂 Should get one soon, though.

      • Any shared folder in your network should be enough to test or am I mistaken?

        • Yeah, you’re right. Heck, shouldn’t be more than a day or two before I get a NAS device, so I’ll just wait for that 🙂

          • Hehe indeed & I think I was actually wrong. Several share types/protocols are possible with a NAS device that might harder to simulate with a pc.


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