New website design

Some of you might have noticed that the site was unavailable for a few hours last night and you’ve now probably noticed why. I’ve updated the website design and I’m working on updating the content so it fits the new style a bit better.

The updated theme has a lot of advantages. One disadvantage, however, is that the old forum didn’t really fit the style, so I’ve replaced it with another one that’s more simple and has more focus on the content. I’ll try to improve the forum with time, but I think it should be pretty good for now. The old forum is still available through search engines and such, so no content has been lost.

I’m going to work more on the Blog, FAQ, Features and Suggestions sections of the site. It’s a work in progress so please bear with me, but I think it’s an improvement already.

PS. For those of you asking why I didn’t use this time to work on Mizuu: I’m not home right now, so I don’t have the source files nor processing power available on my laptop. This is the best I can do without it.


  1. Hallo Michell,

    The new Website Design looks very nice…. 🙂

    When will you send out the next Nightly Build? we all are very happy about this very helpfull app, but without to controll a networkdevice is not very usefull. the SD card are to small.

    i had taste the Cifs methode. but this runs only with a Window-Folder. not with a FTP or SMB Devise in a home network.

    I hope you have much more Time to realise this feater in the future. how long you think will it used to build it?

    Greetings an big Thx for your great work!!!

    • Hey Bobby!

      I’m going to work on it later today. I’ll hopefully have something this week. Won’t be network enabled though.

  2. Looks sharp! I wish everyone had the sense of style you seem to when it comes to development! I’m tinkering with the idea of buying one of those super cheap Android HDMI dongles and using Mizuu with a 1.5TB hard-drive I have. If I recall correctly, you did make Mizuu work with volumes that big a long time ago, right?

    Keep up the good work sir!

    • Hey Matt!

      Sure, those harddrives shouldn’t be a problem, as long as Android is capable of mounting them 🙂


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