Why was the old widget removed?

If you’ve updated to version 1.7.4, you’ll know that the “old” scrollable widget has been removed from this update. A few of you have been asking about this and want to get it back, but I’d like to tell you why it’s been removed.

The scrollable widget was capable of showing up to 20 movies in total, so if someone had 40 movies in their library only the first half of them would show up in the widget. Naturally, this doesn’t work for all users – it’s okay for those with less than 20 movies, but that’s about how far that goes.

Why not just increase the movie limit, you ask? Well, 20 was already too much. You see, the widget has to load all the images in the device memory – with 20 bitmap images that’s roughly 10 megabytes or about a fifth of the available RAM for each application. If the users decides to add another widget, they’ll take up a total of 40 percent of the available RAM, and that doesn’t leave enough RAM for the rest of Mizuu, potentially causing crashes and other unpleasant “features”.

These are many other issues with the old widget, but these are the two main issues. I honestly cannot believe why Google designed the widget that way, as it seems incredibly stupid. They should at least have provided the option of loading images when they’re needed and not just all at once. That would have been a much better solution.

Some of you have been asking to get the old widget back, and I’m sorry to say that it’s not going to happen. The issues I’ve pointed out in this post are simply too serious and I don’t want anything in the application that eats up so much memory.

The purpose of the application widgets was never to work as a substitute for the main movie overview. The widgets were meant to showcase all your content at random. I love finding movies that I’d completely forgot about and the widgets are there to do just that.

I am obviously going to work on the new widgets – they’re in no way finished. The design will be updated, functionality will be added and I’ll also have to do some changes to make it work on Ice Cream Sandwich handsets. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know – I know that the new widgets don’t look as good as the old one, so I’m really interested in changing that.

Update: Check out the much improved widgets in version http://mizuu.tv/bug-fix-update-ready/


  1. Thanks for the explanation, quite unfortunate to have those limitations. Perhaps in the future as devices see increases in available RAM things will change but for now devs have to deal with what they get.

    For me other than the inability to scroll the new widget the main turn off is the larger image. I feel like if I can’t scroll the widget then I’d rather not have the widget dictate to me randomly what my focus should be. I’m sure some like the current layout but for me personally I’d rather have 4 smaller icons instead of that large one such that everything is symmetrical. It would be great to have the ability to choose between different layouts.

    Only other suggestion I have would be perhaps placing a small limit to the number of images in the old carousel layout with one of them being a Mizuu icon image that when tapped takes you to the app. The only images shown would be those with the latest dates (presumably the last videos that have been added). Not sure if that’s doable or not though.

    Great app, love it!

    • Hi Gerald,

      Thanks a lot, some great suggestions in your comment. I’ll revise the widgets entirely, and see what I come up with 🙂

      Thanks again,


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