I’m working on something cool

Hi guys!

This isn’t totally related to Mizuu, but I think it might interest some of you anyway, so I’m going to share something cool with you. A new project that I’m working on alongside Mizuu. It’s called Traktr – or at least that’s the preliminary name.

Right now I’m taking an Android course as part of my education and the last two weeks are spent doing an exam project. Since I know my way around Android, and basically just took the course for some easy points, I decided to use the time to build something that quite a few people have been requesting – a Trakt client.


As you can see, I’ve tried to do something that’s visually different from Mizuu. It’s far from complete but I think it’s a decent start. I’ll be working on the app alongside Mizuu for the next few months and I might just do some alpha / beta testing during the development period.

I’m probably going to open source it when it gets matured. There’ll be a paid version on Google Play and I might experiment with providing fully compiled ready-to-install versions on GitHub alongside the source code. If it works out, I’ll do the same with Mizuu.

Anyway, just thought I’d share this project with you and let you know what’s going on. I’ll be working on UPnP support in Mizuu for the next few weeks, so it should be in the next version!


  1. Fantastic x 2

  2. Hi Michell
    Is this trakt.tv app !!
    If yes I think it should be a tab in mizuu
    Rather then app!!
    I hope you consider making xbmc remote app
    Your design is amazing!!
    And xbmc remote app will give you alot of ideas

    • It is a Trakt.tv app. Won’t be integrated in Mizuu – two different apps with different purposes 🙂

  3. I currently use Trakato and it serves the purpose fairly well. I would say the ordering (most recently watched first) is essential on both movies and tv shows. One thing it doesn’t do, and this may only be accessible on the site, is to pull out your watched stats (ie number of days, weeks, months, years I’ve been watching series). Anyway best of luck with it, I’ll definitely check it out when you release it.

    • Hi David! It’s definitely possible to show something like that. It’s just a matter of adding all the numbers together 🙂

  4. are there any betas we can sign to?

    • Check out the latest blog post 🙂


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