Mizuu is now open-source and free for those who don’t want to pay

Mizuu is now open-source and free for those who don’t want to pay

Google’s removal of Mizuu from the Google Play store made a few things very clear to me:

  • Upwards of 10,000 paying users no longer had access to Mizuu
  • Availability is super important
  • Open-sourcing the application is more important now than ever before

I appealed to the Google Play team, but my appeal was rejected and I was told that Mizuu would not be reinstated on the Google Play store. No explanation or anything like that – thumbs up on communicating, Google…!

The fact that Mizuu will not be reinstated means that I have a lot of users that no longer can access the application. I’ve even heard that Google have removed it from devices remotely. Starting today, you’ll be able to download the full, unrestricted version of Mizuu from this website – for free. You will also be able to download previous versions from Github – more on that in a second…

I plan on creating an altered version for Google Play in the future, which includes a filter for sexually explicit content. I’m not yet sure how I’ll implement it, but it’ll probably include blocking of titles including words like “porn” and “sex”. Sadly, this means that a number of legitimate titles will be blocked as well, including “Sex Drive” and “Zack and Miri make a Porno”, but I’m not sure how it’ll be possible to stay in the Play store otherwise.

The Play store version will be paid – just like the one that was removed. The only difference is that you’ll now be able to download it free of charge from this website as well, including any future updates. So… It’s free for those who don’t want to pay – and I’m afraid this is the best I can do for those of you who have already paid for it once. If you’re still not happy with this solution, I can offer a refund and point any blame in the direction of Google.

Open-sourcing Mizuu

I’m happy to announce that Mizuu is now open-source under the Apache 2.0 license. You can find it at GitHub:


The GitHub repository includes the source code of the application as well as compiled versions from v2.3 to the current one, including beta versions.

I’ve been meaning to clean up various parts of the code before open-sourcing it, but the sudden removal of the application from Google Play means that I’ll be open-sourcing early, so you’ll have to do with some messy code in various parts of the code. At the moment, I’m using the same branch for development and release versions, so it’s a bit messy.

I’ll update the GitHub repository with more information in the future.


  1. Hi Michell,
    Sorry to hear that !!
    Google made a bad move when removing Mizuu from the play store !!!!
    Why you not trying other market like samsung apps market ,amazon and others market
    Its the best you can do right now
    I hope i can help you !!

  2. wohoooo.damnit,thats nice.if u want my support pls show me how to donate u a beer ;D –>> paypal

  3. American puritanism.

    The refund should come from Google, not from you, as they are the ones responsible for removing the app. from the store.

    Who’s going to pay for a sized-down version in Google play, if anyone can download it for free on github?

    • If you use Auto update it will be helpful
      And you will not see Auto update in Github
      So if Michell update the app you need to download it from Github!!
      Its a waste of time !!

  4. my opinion ->> put a “donation” button right in front of your website so all your fans can help you to compensate your loss :C
    realy,i mean it -> i would support u and i think many others would follow ;D – your work is worth it

  5. That’s seriously really classy of you to do this. Feel damn angry about this whole situation, with 100% of that anger pointing directly at Google.

    Will buy any future apps that show up in the store again to show my support and utter adoration of an absolutely fantastic app.

  6. Sorry about brutal google decision.

    Michell, don’t forget… We love Mizuu, we love your work, and we ll support you with or without google playstore.
    All of us pay again for your future Mizuu 2. Be sure of that!

    Regards, (et courage!)


  7. Very sad to hear this… Mizuu is one of my favourite apps and I will be very glad to pay for it again. I agree you should put a donation version in the google play store… Although they have been real jerks. Thanks also for making the code available to everyone! I hope to see a for Windows and Linux! I would buy those as well!

  8. I bought Mizuu almost two years ago, and I can says that it is a wonderful app, I have an android TV at home that is NOT being used because it cannot run Mizuu (it a GB device and not up-gradable) and I would certainly not doubt to pay for it again.

    I agree with the “Donation Button” option, but that is completely up to you!

    Best regards

    Jose Alberto Guerra

  9. I’ve paid for the app but it was (and it is) a great app, so money well spent! I suggest to support the developer with donation instead download the app for free taking advantage of the Google fail. By the way, if there is a way to do that, I will partecipate to a class action (or something similar) to have back Mizuu on the Play Store.

  10. Hi men, as you see, you have the support of the community. I bought also Mizuu, and I’m happy to see it going open sourced. It is a great application and also I will pay again for it, as a support for development.

    Also I agree with the “Donation” option. It is work, and the application deserves it.

    Best regards!

  11. Really admire how you are handleling this. Not abandoning the app, looking for alternative solutions and even offering refunds. I purchased your app years ago and you have always promptly responded to my emails for support. I love this app and use is as much as any other. This whole ban from the playstore stinks! Google might be pushing out small developers cause they have something similar to your app coming out soon. Keep your head up and keep up the great work!

  12. Hey the Free version is still available in the play store. Just clicking on Michell’s pic will show you apps he rated and Mizuu (free) is still there and available for download.

  13. if you want to search for “mizuu” on google ull find many online magazines which report about this disaster.
    i hope there will be many people which will blame google for this disaster and will write many many mails ^^
    i would love it

  14. I think you should try talking with Kevin, the developer of nzb360. He has come up with a way to authenticate the app using our gmail just like the play store. So you can still charge for the app, maybe make a free version available on you website, then have an in app paypal/visa option to unlock the pro version which links with your gmail. I really don’t agree with giving away such a high quality app for free when they are all sort of crap spam on the play store being priced at ridiculous prices. Good luck, Michell.

    • Yeah, I forgot to comment on here, but that is correct 🙂 Far from required though. I would never ask anyone to do so.


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